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7 Benefits of Having Less Stuff that I Learned from Organizing After Divorce

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It is no secret that divorce is rough. Being on your own again is not the only life change that comes along with it. Being a single parent, moving, getting a new job and organizing after divorce - these are just a few of the shocking life changes that you may be thrown into after or during a divorce.

Many of my friends and family felt that I had gotten the short end of the stick. My ex stayed in the house and got to live with the items inside of it while I left.

At first, I was angry. I had decorated that house, I had organized that house and I had carefully chosen the everything down to the bed sheets, dishes and wallpaper. But then I realized something. I was the lucky one.

I got a fresh start. I got to move forward and create the life I wanted and fill it with only the things I love instead of being surrounded by things that made me angry or sad. I have realized that most of my “stuff” I didn’t need.

So if you have recently gone through a major life change, embrace the need to start over. Here are 7 benefits of having less stuff.

1. You feel lighter physically. When you can easily move through your home without walking around the furniture you don’t need or piles of things that have collected, you will physically feel more at ease and less anxious.

2. You can get rid of emotional baggage. Having possessions around that are from a different stage of your life can bring up sadness, anger and other emotions.

3. You can be a better parent/friend/partner. Having less stuff, whether by choice or because you lost it in a divorce, fire or other circumstance helps you to understand what is really important, focus more on the relationships in your life and realize that people are more important than objects.

4. You can discover what truly makes you happy. When you go shopping, whether to purchase clothing, bedding, furniture or books-don’t buy just to buy, ask yourself if what you are ready to take home is bringing you joy. Only purchase the things you truly feel like you can’t live without.

5. You have time for new things. Less stuff means less to clean, less to organize and less to keep track of. You can use all of that extra time to make new memories, pick up a new hobby or take a class.

6. You will have more freedom than ever before. People with less stuff don’t hold back and miss out on opportunities. With less possessions you can make that sudden move for your dream job or go travel without worrying about all the work that comes along with it.

7. Next time it won’t be as hard. Once you’ve gone through a life changing event that has taught you to live with less, you can handle whatever comes your way. You now understand that life isn’t about the stuff you own and if you lose it, it will be less of a shock.

Whether you choose to let go of your possessions, or it happens to you, look on the bright side-there are many benefits to living a life with less “stuff.” Unless something is truly bringing you joy or serving a purpose in your life, look at it as clutter that you don’t need to make you happy.

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