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6 Ways to Motivate Kids to Do Chores

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Chores. Even adults cringe when they hear that word. It can be hard to get the kids to help out with housework, but it's an important life skill that they need to learn. Families must work together and help each other. Doing chores together helps instill this concept.

If you're having trouble getting the kids to do their chores, use these six tips to get them motivated.

1. Turn it Into a Game

Turn chores into a game and you'll have a much easier time getting the kids to jump on board. Have a kitchen dance party while you do the dishes. Do the laundry while pretending to be robots. Take turns singing songs (loudly) from the rooms you're cleaning.

Chores don't have to be serious business. If chore time turns into playtime, kids may even look forward to doing housework.

2. Time It

Get your kids motivated and moving by timing their tasks. Not only will this challenge your child, but it will also ensure that chores get done in a timely manner.

Give the kids a task, like cleaning the windows and doors, and then set a time limit for getting the chore done. If they get the task done in time, they get a reward. If they don't, there may be a consequence, such as having to go to bed earlier.

3. Make it Purposeful

Kids, just like adults, want to feel important and needed. Make sure that your child understands the importance of her job and how it contributes to the running of the household.

Give praise when everyone does their assigned chores, and make it feel like a team effort.

If chores feel purposeful, kids will be more motivated to get the task done.

4. Make it Challenging

Some parents find that the reward system only works for a few days before the kids are right back to putting off their chores. It may not be that your child doesn’t want to do chores. It may be that the chores are too easy.

Give your child a more challenging task, like pulling weeds, planting flowers or doing some of the more difficult house cleaning tasks. Many kids love to be challenged.

Just be sure to give praise for a job well done.

5. Change the Routine

Many parents get into the habit of assigning the same chores to their kids. Life can get busy, so it's often easier just to have the children handle the same tasks. But switching up the routine from time to time will make chores less mundane. The kids will also have a chance to build up skills in different areas.

If one child is always in charge of doing the dishes, she can expand her skills by cleaning the floors or organizing the toy room.

6. Make it a Team Effort

Make some chores a team effort. Set an example for the kids by getting in there and doing some of the chores with them.

Work together to clean the floors or wash the dishes. Have your own assigned cleaning tasks, and do them while the kids are doing theirs.

Kids can benefit from seeing their parents get in the trenches to get the task done. You'll also be there to demonstrate how the chore gets done, so kids can perfect their skills.

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