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6 Ways Parents Can Get Involved in Their Kid's Classrooms

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Photo by dagon, CC0 1.0

For any parent, the happiest moments in their lives are the first experiences of their beloved children! I mean think about your kid’s first baby steps, or their first cycle ride or the first time they spoke your name! I am sure all these memories are still quite vivid in your minds and you would do anything to relive them again. But a lot of parents tend to miss this point of getting involved when it comes to their child’s education. Education which is so crucial in every child’s life is often neglected by many parents!

It has been observed that a kid’s performance is much higher when their parent is involved in the daily academics of the student. And the joy of seeing your kid learning something new every day or learning about their day has its own lovable charm and hard to resist. It is very important for a child to understand that the school is a place of learning and not one for torture. School is one of the first times that a child is out from the safety net and has to face the real world. Now it is the duty of the parents to help them out in taking their first steps to school.

This is for those parents to spend some precious moments with their child in one of the most exciting learning stages of their life. Here are a few tips to get back that connect.

  • Volunteer for School Events

Now you might not have a lot of time to devote to your kid because of some other pressing matters but whatever time that is there and the time you can make for your child are really important. Your child will love all the attention it can get and your involvement will encourage him to do better. A lot of schools love the extra help they can get from the parent’s end. It’s a great thing to talk with the teachers and plan a small crafts session or a tour or perhaps a visit to the zoo for the class. And you can spend some time helping the teachers in organizing the class and helping them in carrying out their duties. Your kid will really appreciate the attention but make sure to not smother him and become that over-protective parent. This would actually affect the kid negatively and might drive him away!

  • Organize a book club or a homework club

You need to understand that a lot of parents are in the same situation as you and want a way to connect with their child. One of the most productive ways is to get involved in your ward’s homework or reading sessions. But doing them alone might seem a little boring and repetitive for your kid! So, the next best solution is to do it together. You can group all the parents who want to work together in being more involved in their kid’s curriculum. I’ll assure you that the response will be quite huge in this regard! Then you put all the parents and their kids under one room. Then you can hold reading sessions or help the kids in their homework. It is very important that the kid should not feel like he is going to another school. The sessions should be kept interactive and the fun of seeing their friends together will make the kids love this even more. You could try playing games with kids that teach important values to them.

  • Participate in Parent-Kid Classes

There are many institutions that offer certain classes in which the parent and kid need to work together to do something creative and productive. It could be enacting a scene, cooking some dish or composing a poem! No matter what it is, it will eventually increase the bonding between you and your kid. In fact, you will notice that even you are enjoying those classes because your child is definitely enjoying this moment of working with the parent. It is a great environment for your child to learn from you and this could be a big help in developing the right habits.

  • Stay Informed About the School Activities

Try to stay actively connected to your child’s school sessions and activities. If there is an app or website, use them extensively to stay in touch with your child’s everyday developments. In case your school does not provide this feature, then encourage your school to go online. Show them the pros of coming online on various social media platforms. This step will not only promote the school on thinking out of the box but also help the parents in being able to connect easily if they are unable to be physically present at all times! The children will also benefit from this as they will be able to stay connected to their parents and also learn about new technologies!

  • Participate and Share Ideas During The PTA

Always try to volunteer in the various school activities. And for a change attend the PTA meetings regularly. It will help you in better understanding the different aspects of your kid. You will always stay better informed whenever it comes to your child. Another important thing is to keep ideating on how best to increase parent-children interaction. This is because there is no perfect answer to this problem.

  • It Is Important to Keep Trying

It is not as if magically your entire schedule is going to get cleared for tomorrow. This kind of work will need some time and will definitely put a strain on you sometimes. But remember that smile on your child’s face when they see you with them. I believe that single happy expression is quite worth the troubles that come along the way.

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