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6 Tips on YouTube Vlogging for Today’s Digital Mom

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As a mom, you have many opportunities to earn an income while raising your family. You could work outside the house or be self-employed. One popular way for you as to earn a living is through vlogging, or video blogging. Vlogging can be done anywhere from inside your house to the beach. Audiences are watching families and they would enjoy being a part of your life. You can take advantage of your audience and create an extra income for your family. Here are 6 tips to help you create and maintain a successful vlog.

1. Know your topic

Whether it is finances, computers, science, or motherhood, you should know your topics inside and out. You have an upper hand with this since you can vlog about your everyday life. Motherhood and families have become a hit with viewers. Audiences want to know what you have learned and how you manage your household and family. They want to see real people in real settings.

2. Practice

Once you have your topic for the day, you should write up a script and practice in front of a mirror. You should not go in front of our camera without practicing. Practice helps you prepare for what you will be doing. That way if there are any technical difficulties, the script is the least of your worries. While filming, you can have the script printed out and located in a convenient place out of the sight of the camera. The more you prepare before going in front of a camera, the more relaxed you will be when the filming starts and the less editing you will have to do once it ends.

3. Be comfortable

Practice will help make you comfortable, but your surrounding play an important role, also. You should vlog from a place where you find comfort. Surrounding yourself with people who support you and your family will help make vlogging more enjoyable and will also boost viewership. Audiences like to feel like they are a part of the family, so the more family and friends that are involved, the better. Invite them into your kitchen and cook them your favorite homemade baby food. Or, show them where your family likes to hang out together. The audience will enjoy getting to know you and your family if you are comfortable letting them into your home.


It is important for you to have viewership. If you are comfortable, have an interesting topic, and believe in yourself, the views should come quickly. Self promoting on all social media pages will help you build a base viewership. You should encourage your friends to view and promote your blog on their social media pages. Views can be bought, however they should be acquired from a trusted seller, so make sure to check reviews at and Once the vlogs catch on your base audience will grow.

5. Be aware of sponsorships

Once you become a successful vlogger you can approach corporations for sponsorships. Corporations may be willing to work with you if they are told exactly how their products will be used and when. If there is a certain diaper or lotion you like, you should contact the company and let them know you will be featuring it in your video. Anything from diapers to dish liquid can help you earn money. Corporate sponsorship is a must if you want to earn money.

6. Have fun

The most important thing you can do is have fun. You can enjoy being with your family while making a vlog. You can put some makeup on and smile for the camera. Vlogging can be done anywhere at any time with anyone, so you have plenty of opportunities to promote yourself. You should smile, relax, and have fun.

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