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Challenge: Romance After Kids

6 Reasons Why You Need to Go on a Babymoon

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According to a recent study, babymoons are a growing trend for new parents. In fact, 59% of new parents took a babymoon where they at least spent one night away from home. There is a reason so many parents are jumping on this trend, and after taking one myself, I fully believe that you not only deserve one, but you owe it to yourself, your spouse, and your other children.

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1. It is Most Likely One of the Last Solo Trips You'll Get in a Long Time

Once you start having kids, it is near impossible to find reliable sitters, and if you are one of the lucky few who do, getting them to take the kids overnight is like fighting an uphill battle.

Once you start having more kids, that fight will be near impossible to win.

Enjoy the one on one time with your spouse while you can! Trust me, it is worth the investment.

our babymoon to charleston

3. Your Relationship Will Grow and Become Stronger

Whether you already have some kids at home, or if you are preparing for your first one, parenthood will wreak havoc on your relationship with your spouse. You both are taking on completely new roles, and it's so hard not to get lost in all of that.

Getting away together without the kids will remind you both on why you fell in love with each other, and will remind you of who that person was before they became a parent to your children.

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3. Taking Your Children on Vacation isn't Really a Vacation

I know many parents dream of taking their kids on amazing vacations with them, I mean, that's half the fun of parenthood, right?

I too can't wait for the days that I can see my children's faces light up when I take them to Disney, or some other amazing travel destination. Yet for many years, taking them away with you is oftentimes so stressful, you spend the entire vacation stressed out instead of relaxing.

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4. Self Care is One of the Best Things You Can Do as a Parent

You can't pour from an empty cup. Before my husband and I took this babymoon we were both burnt out from our daily duties as parents as well as our jobs, and we needed to take some time for us.

By the time we returned home our priorities were realigned, we were happier, and overall better parents to our toddler who was waiting for us.

babymoon with husband

5. You build Independence for Yourself and Your Kids

Do you remember who you were before you became a mom? It's something that sounds so simple, but it's so easy to forget.

I can't tell you how nice it was to get away for the weekend and remember what makes ME happy, beyond being a mom of course.

It also taught me that my daughter is more independent than I thought. She did such a great job staying with her grandparents, and it made me so proud to be her mother.

By the time I came home from our babymoon it made me see her in a totally different light, and realize how grown up she truly was.

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6. One Day, it Will Just Be You and Your Spouse.

That day will come, far too quickly for most, when your kids are grown and off living their own lives.

Make sure that when you reach that point in your life, you are able to look over at your spouse and still know the person you are standing next to.

Because after all, you two just created and raised the most amazing human beings, which at the end of the day, is the most amazing job in the world.

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