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6 Expert Tips To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

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Shoes are one of the most important items we own in our wardrobe, and they really take a beating. Owning a great pair of footwear is bittersweet because we know that one day they will be too old and worn to wear. But if you take care of your shoes correctly, they can last literally for years.

Think about your favourite pair of shoes. Now think about how you treat your footwear…are you doing as much as you could to keep them in good repair? Have a look at these tips to see how you can make your shoes last a lifetime:

1.Don’t even think about skimping on quality. Quality is the first rule to long-lasting shoes. They may cost more, but leading designer brands, especially when it comes to leather footwear, will last a lot longer than discount brands or knock offs. Brands with online shoes and sandals like Clarks, Camper, Birkenstock and other leading designers are always a safe bet for a quality, long-lasting leather shoe. They are also more easily repaired by a cobbler when the time comes, as these shoes have sturdy construction.

2.Think inside the box! Consider your shoes’ original box like their own little bedroom. This may seem a little obsessive, but trust me, if you want them to last, your footwear should be kept in the box they came in anytime you aren’t wearing them, and placed so that they aren’t touching each other if possible. In addition to putting your shoes to bed each night, you should stuff the toes with newspaper to keep the toe from caving in, and absorb odor and moisture. If you don’t take the time to do this crucial step, you can kiss your best kicks goodbye after only a couple of seasons.

3.Use a moisturizing product. Just like you do for your own skin, leather needs to be nourished with cream as well. Make sure you buy a quality product, however, as not all leather creams are the same, and you need one that will absorb into the leather, not sit on top of it.

4.Clean the spots. In addition to moisturizing your shoes, you should spot clean your shoes often, after every wearing if possible, and keep them buffed and shined. You can also use furniture markers to hide flaws in wood or leather, or a stain stick for erasing scuffs on white shoes. If you do these steps regularly, your footwear will gain a lot more miles than before.

5.Get to know your local cobbler. Yes, cobblers are still around; they act a lot like doctors…for footwear! If your shoes are already quite worn and weary, one thing you can do to refresh them is to have them resoled. Your cobbler will be able to make your soles look exactly like new—or sometimes better! You might think it’s expensive to have this done, but believe me it’s cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes! I had a pair of my favourite boots resoled two seasons ago and it saved me a ton of money not having to buy new boots!

6.Don’t even think about putting them in the washing machine. Even with canvas shoes, this is a bad idea, as it wears your footwear out faster and cause them to lose their shape. Instead, scrub them by hand if you must. If you spot clean them after each wear, you won’t need to scrub them or use the washing machine.

If you are able to follow these 6 tips, you’ll be able to keep your favourite shoes for many years to come…and your feet will thank you too!

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