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6 easy ways to boost your Facebook likes

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Many business people have realized the ability that Facebook has to make their businesses successful and are thus using it to attract new customers. A large following on Facebook not only provides you with an audience to communicate with but also helps boost credibility for your page. Below are some easy tips that will help you get more likes on your Facebook page.

1. Be consistent with your posting

In order to attract people to your page, you must keep it active. Make sure that you post every day or at least five times a week. This will ensure that your fans are coming back to your page, and they may even tell their friends about your page.

2. Get your timing right

Sturdy your audience and find out what time of day or week when most of them are likely to be online. Usually, the people you are targeting are likely to be within a particular demographic and therefore have similar characteristics and patterns. For example, if you are targeting blue-collar workers, then daytime may not be a good time to post your content.


Know exactly when your content will get maximum viewership and make good use of that time. You do not want to post at a time when people are asleep or busy working. Posting at the ‘right’ time can help increase engagement on your posts, which is an excellent way of gaining more exposure.

3. Create fun content that will motivate people to share

People enjoy sharing great content. And when your followers’ friends see content that inspires them, they may share it too or even like your page. This, therefore, becomes a win-win situation for you and your audience.

4. Keep your posts short

Your fans have lots of interesting posts on their timeline from their friends and other business. They may, therefore, choose to ignore long business posts. But if your posts are short, it will be easy for people to skim through them and share.

5. Alternate text-only updates with videos and photos

Visuals such as images and videos are easy to understand and will help drive engagement on your content and increase shareability.

6. Add a call to action to your posts

Don’t assume that people will like, comment, or even share your posts. Instead, add a call to action at the end of every post requesting people to do so. If you are just about to go live, ask people to join you, comment with their questions, like, and share your video.

Why you should consider buying Facebook likes

All the above tips are valid ways of increasing your likes. Most of them, however, may require patience in terms of time. Therefore, if you are looking for a fast way to increase your following, buying Facebook likes is the way to go.

For your business to be successful, you should not turn a blind eye to Facebook. With so many people getting on this platform every day, it is more likely that you will find your target market here.

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