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5 Ways to Teach Kids to "Go Be Kind" from The Kindness Guy

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He's known as The Kindness Guy as he travels the world to spread kindness on his hit show The Kindness Diaries. Leon Logothetis has made kindness, giving, and harnessing the power of human connection his mission, all with a smile on his face. So who better to share some ways to teach our own kids to be kind than the man who travels the globe doing just that?

Here are 5 ways to teach kids to be kind from Leon Logothetis.


5 Ways to Teach Kids to Go Be Kind from The Kindness Guy

  1. Every single day give someone a meaningful and heartfelt compliment. It might be ''I love your t-shirt!'' or ''Well done on that project in class.'' You can truly make someone feel less alone by simply acknowledging them and seeing them. You can even compliment your teacher for doing such a good job!
  2. Everyone matters. We may have differences, but I've seen by traveling much of the world, that we are essentially the same. We all want to feel loved, accepted, and ultimately connected to each other. If you see someone dining alone at school, invite them to join you, it may change their lives, and yours. Or if you see someone without stationary, let them borrow some. Kindness is the act of helping someone feel less alone.
  3. Respond to unkindness with kindness. Set an example of how to act and know that by acting kind, you will always be doing the right thing. If you see someone being bullied, speak up. Tell a teacher or parent. Even if they are not necessarily someone you are close to, no one ever deserves to be bullied.


  4. Don't gossip. By not participating in gossip, you can stop a very destructive cycle and potentially stop hurting someone’s feelings. Remember how it feels when someone is mean to you, and make sure that others don’t feel that way because of you.
  5. You will have bad days and you may act unkind to someone, that doesn’t mean you are a bad person. As long as you know you've done it, you can apologize. It's very powerful to admit when you are wrong and know we all make mistakes. No one is perfect but we can always choose to do the kind thing.
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It's not easy to raise kids in the digital age, but if we all practice kindness and be the example, our children are off to a great start!

You can watch the Kindness Diaries on Netflix or here or read more from Leon!

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