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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

5 ways to raise kind kids

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Be the person, you want your kids to emulate. Be Kind - as simple as it sounds, we ourselves must demonstrate how to be kind.

1. Be generous - It's not always about giving in a monetary way. Im not talking about buying the best bike, the latest gadget or the newest electronics Be generous with your time… with your efforts… with your whole being. The world is so distracted… stop rushing the conversation, the moment, the experience. When in a conversation, shut out distractions, put down the phone, and really listen and enjoy the moment. If volunteering, make the most of it, give the best of yourself and do it cheerfully because volunteering is about wanting to do for others in the first place, isn't it?

2. Be Honest - Lets face it everyone tells a "little white lie" here and there but those little eyes and ears are like sponges and they absorb everything. When our kids lie cheat, steal, copy… they learn it from somewhere, beware of your own behavior. If you say you're going to do something or be somewhere, do it or be there, and if you make a mistake, own it & acknowledge it. If you are missing that candle party because well, you just don't have the money… don't tell the hostess your were sick. Let your kids see that by you being honest, it may be uncomfortable and awkward but its honesty…

3. Apologize - One of the hardest things to do is offer an apology. I find that when there is a mistake made, whether an adult or child, formal apologies are very necessary. If we teach our kids that we are not perfect, we make mistakes and that its ok to make mistakes, they are much more aware of how to handle disappointment and work through fights, mistakes and disagreements.

4. Follow Through - So often things are left to fall way side. Everyone is busy. I get it. I believe that if you start something it should be a priority to finish it. To often, kids don't finish out what they start. This is especially important for kids who participate on a team sport, dance recital, cheer team or class project… completion is key and everyone must uphold their end.

5. Fight Fair - No name calling or defamation. You can agree to disagree and fight fair. Don't be nice to someones face and then talk about them behind their back in front of your kids. It is completely disrespectful. What message is that sending? Don't turn to social media or air your dirty laundry. Don't be purposefully hurtful and hateful. In a society that is so quick to condemn and make judgement before finding out all the facts it could really destroy and hurt someone. Teach control of the tounge and words. When it comes to social media, I have a strict policy, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. There is a valuable lesson to consider…. while it may only be public for a moment, a screenshot lasts forever.

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