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5 ways to make long distance parenting

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Work travel is definitely an increasingly important factor in the world economy. Although much attention is paid to the expenses and logistics of business travel, very little attention is paid to its effects upon parents long distance relationships problem. With the proper approach, traveling parents can keep a healthy work-life stability and continue to improve relationships at home.

Including kids in the mix can add to the stress and difficulties which may occur when children feel abandoned. Managing the potential resulting guilt along with loneliness is often a problem that parents need to deal with in creative ways.

There are many things that can be done to maintain a long distance relationship with a child. It is important that you remain active in the child's life so that they know there is a stable family member to rely on.

1) Use technology

Use SMS messages, Facebook, e-mail, and Instagram to be linked with your child. In case you cannot talk every day, set up a regular contact schedule that you will both commit to.

Establish a period of time for video chat every single day. Whenever you do talk, don't consider any detail too small to mention. Appreciate your child, and tell your kid just how much you miss them and exactly how proud you are of them.

2) Visit your child

Visit your child at least two times per year. If you take turns doing the traveling, you each only have to travel one time every year, but get to spend time together two times. You have to make this period remarkable and pleasant for both your child and you. Have time alone together with your child. Don’t allow time with significant others take away from the period you will get together with your child.

3) Connect Your Child with Other Parent

It’s essential that parent who's staying at home help children to keep their connection with the other parent. Contact the other parent and let your child speak to them. It is also wise to keep photos of the parent around so that your child looks at them, and keep a particular place in your child’s room which shows cards and mementos from the parent. Also never say anything negative concerning the other parent.

4) Sharing things

Find out what exactly Television shows your child loves to watch. Phone your child before the TV show and say you're going to watch it, too. Watch the television show, and then call your child when it is finished to talk about the show. If your kid has a preferred book or a book series, find out which one your kid is reading. Read the exact same book and then speak about it to your child.

5) Consistens

The most important thing that you can do for your kid when you become a long-distance parent is going to be consistent. Your kid must realize that you’re reliable and that they can count on you. That increases their trust and keeps your own relationship with them strong. Call or video chat at the similar period every day, learn your child’s daily schedule, motivate it to do homework and offer to video chat if they need assistance.

Long-distance parent-child relationships are generally far away from ideal. They need additional work and planning to achieve success and to create strong bonds between parents and children.

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