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5 Ways to Get Your Toddler to Take a Bath

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Toddlers can be fussy. They love taking a bath one day and despise it the next. Some toddlers develop fears of the bath. Others are just stubborn or refuse to do whatever mom or dad tells them to do.

If you're having trouble getting your toddler to take a bath, you're not alone. Here are five ways to convince your little one that bath time is a fun time.

1. Bring in Fun Toys

Go beyond the rubber ducky and bring in some really fun bath toys. From spout toys to light-up balls, there are so many great toys out there that can really take bath time to the next level.

Crayola even makes bathtub paints that allow the kids to paint and draw on the tub walls. Clean-up is a breeze – just rinse with water when bath time is over.

Make sure that the toys are reserved for bathtub use only. If your toddler can only play with these fun toys when he's in the tub, he'll have more incentive to take a bath.

2. Address Bath Fears

Toddlers may refuse to take a bath because they're afraid, so taking steps to address those fears can help make bath time less stressful.

Some children are afraid of the rushing water from the spout. There are fun spout toys – like ones that turn the faucet into a hippo – that can distract from this fear. Other kids are afraid of the drain. A kid-friendly drains stopper can help tackle this fear. Other kids are afraid of getting soap in their eyes. Wearing a bath visor may put your toddler's mind at ease.

Addressing your child's fears can make bath time fun again, and make your evenings so much less stressful.

3. Color the Water

What's fun about taking a bath in clear water? Products like Color My Bath turn bathtubs into a work of art. Just drop a tablet into the water and watch as the color changes before your eyes.

Toddlers can even mix different colors to turn their bath water any shade they want.

4. Read Stories

To build positive associations with bath time, you might try reading a story to your toddler while she's taking a bath. Bring your child's favorite books into the bathroom, and start reading his favorite story at the first sign of distress.

Once your little one has calmed down, you can take a break from reading to wash up. Finish the story when the washing is done.

5. Add Bubbles

Bubbles can make bath time more fun for your toddler. There are many color options and scents to choose from when buying bubble bath (or you can make your own). If you can, try choosing bubbles in your child's favorite color. The color may give her more of an incentive to get in the bath.

If all else fails, you can always jump in the bathtub with your toddler. She may be more inclined to take a bath if she has the chance to dump a pail full of water on your head.

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