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5 Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach

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1. Bring the gear. You don’t need a ton of stuff when headed to the beach with baby, but you do need some essentials. I always bring our It’s a great place for the kids to take a nap and play while keeping away from the sun. It folds completely flat and compact so it’s great to just keep in the car. I also love to bring Melissa and Doug beach toy s to keep them entertained. They are durable and fun and last us year after year. When the kids couldn’t sit up on their own, I’d bring our Bumb o (it was perfect for the beach.) I don’t recommend taking a stroller on the beach because it’s nearly impossible to push, but if you need the extra hands without holding the baby, I would recommend carrying them in a carrier. The Ergobaby Performance Carrier is great for beach days.

2. Allow them to get used to their surroundings. No matter how many times we went to the beach, all three kids took a long time to get used to it. They were so intimidated by the sand and the open water. Most of the time they would just sit on their towel and play the entire time, which made for a relaxing trip for me. But over time I wanted them to experience all that the beach had to offer. To get them used to it, I’d bring some water and sand in a bucket up to them to splash around and play with. Eventually they got used to it. It took a couple of trips to the beach for them to really enjoy it, but it was well worth the wait!

3. Keep them protected. You can never go overboard when it comes to keeping your child protected from the sun. A long day at the beach can do numbers on your baby's sensitive skin. Make sure you apply sunscreen every couple of hours. Let them wear sunglasses and a hat. I also make sure to have them wear rash-guards to help protect their arms from the sun.

4. Have fun with them. Let's face it, going to the beach with a baby is much different before you have kids, but it can still be just as fun. The best way for your little one to have fun at the beach is if they see you are having fun too! Build sand castles, take them to see the water, take photos! The more fun you are having, the more fun your little one will have too.

5. Bring powder or corn starch to help remove sand. This is one best hacks that I’ve ever learned. There is nothing worse than getting in the car or at home and having sand all over you and your little ones. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to get off. I always bring baby powder (corn startch works too) with me to the beach. After taking a shower and drying off, I put some into my hand and rub it on the areas that we have sand all over us. The baby powder helps take away the moisture and the sand falls right off. Best beach trick ever!

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