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Challenge: Romance After Kids

5 Tips For Keeping The Romance Alive After Having Kids

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I'm sure just about every relationship has experienced a decrease in romance after the first child is born. From the sleepless nights to the over worn sweatpants and messy hair, how do you keep the spark alive when you're absolutely exhausted? Well let me be the first to tell you that it is absolutely possible to keep the flame burning. These five simple tips will bring your relationship back to life in no time.

Tip #1 - Plan a date night once a week

We all know that finding a babysitter can be difficult so why not plan a date night at home? Make plans for an outdoor, candle lit dinner under the stars once the kids are in bed. Don't feel like cooking? Order take-out from your favorite restaurant instead.

Plan a movie night. Choose a movie that you both have been dying to see along with some popcorn and other delicious snacks. Snuggle up on the couch together and enjoy each others company for the night.

Tip #2 - Play the "10 things about me" game

Get out your pen and paper and have some serious laughs with this game! Come up with a set of 10 questions to ask each other and write down how you think the other person will respond. For example, if the question is "what is your biggest pet peeve" you would write down what you think your partners biggest pet peeve is, not your own. It's basically a game to test your knowledge on how well you really know your significant other. This is such a fun game and something you can even play in bed before going to sleep.

Tip #3 - Share a romantic bubble bath

Pull out the rose pedals and wine for this one. Why not wash all of the days stress away by soaking in a nice bubble bath together? Purchase some scented bath bubbles and beads at Bath & Body Works. Top it off with a sprinkle of rose pedals, a few candles, and two glasses of your favorite wine.

Tip #4 - Leave love notes

Sometimes a beautiful message can completely turn your day around. Try purchasing a pack of Post Its and leaving little love notes in random areas around the house. Tell him or her how beautiful he or she is and how much they mean to you. Share with them how much they are appreciated or something more specific about them that you love.

Tip #5 - Share a hobby

We all have things that we enjoy doing so why not try doing them together! Maybe he loves sports and you like painting. Try watching a football game one week & painting a portrait together the next. It makes us feel loved and appreciated when someone takes a special interest in something that we enjoy doing.

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