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Challenge: Back to School

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Daughter Goes to School

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Yes, the time has come, and my daughter is already going to school. And, as I should have known, all my carefully prepared discourse became completely unnecessary when she run across the path, stopping only for a second to wave me a quick goodbye on their very first school day.

And yet, there were a few other things that I wasn’t prepared for at all. They only started to show up a few weeks later, so I decided to share these points with you, hoping you won’t also be caught off guard (as I was).

Questions become much more complex

I was already used to answering to “whys” all day long, and I thought I had a degree on it. How fool I was.

Since my daughter started going to school, the number of questions not only increased, but they became more complex, and I find myself on Google Search for more hours than I wished for.

And when asked about why she didn’t ask her teacher about it, she said “I did, but I am asking YOU now”. So, yes, be prepared to do primary school all over again.

The new friends (and their parents)

Another thing that I wasn’t prepared for was the consequences of her brand new social life to my own social life.

Sure, I was expecting her to make new friends, but I had no idea that I would have to do the same (as her mates’ parents came with the package)

Now, there are so many playdates and birthdays parties to go that I have no idea if I will ever be able to cope with her schedule.

That “homework” would become my favourite word

Again, I knew that there would be homework. But I have started to think that I am much more obsessed than her about it.

It starts with “what is for homework today”, going to “let’s do your homework”, “have you done your homework?”, “what have you learned with your homework?”, until culminating with “is your homework in your backpack?” on the day after.

Homework is also mentioned on the dining table, while visiting grandparents or talking to my friends, and even when I am taking the trash out: “should I keep this egg carton for a possible future homework?”

That I would be getting extra paperwork

What is it with schools and notes, forms, newsletters, announcements?? Every day there is a little something to read and to fill out as if I didn’t have enough from my work and the government.

And it is all address to me, so or I fill it out or I will be the one having to make excuses for being late and putting my name on the unreliable and careless parent’s book.

The new vocabulary

Another unhappy consequence of your daughter making new friends will arrive from out of her mouth. It will come in form the of bad words, sex-related vocabulary, and even posh expressions – and maybe all together in the same sentence.

So brace yourself, and try not to give your shock away. Otherwise, you will have to spend years (as I will), hearing them repeat those words again and again just to see your panicking face again.

Final thoughts

Despite what I have said so far, it is amazing to watch your little one growing up, becoming independent and learning new things every day. But I strongly advise you to talk to more experienced parents beforehand, so it can also become a pleasant time to yourself.

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