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5 Summer Activities for Kids That Won't Break the Bank

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Summer is here and the kids are waiting to spend time with their family and friends. Adventures await your family, and they don't have to be expensive adventures that break the bank. There are plenty of options available that will allow you to spend time with the kids, make lasting memories and not spend a bundle in the process.

If you want to enjoy an affordable summer break with your kids, these activities can help:

1. Find a Community Pool in Your Area

Community pools are a hidden secret in many cities, and it's these pools that are filled with local kids and families. You can start your search for a local pool on your city's main website. You can also see if you have a YMCA in your area.

Most YMCAs have a community pool and activities that locals can enjoy.

2. Inflatable Fishing Boats

Spending time out on the water is one of my fondest memories with my parents. But, boats can be very expensive, too. You can rent a boat, but this comparison of inflatable fishing boats shows that it's often just as affordable to buy your own inflatable boats.

There are also inflatable:

  • Kayaks

  • Rafts

  • Dinghies

Prices are affordable, and you don't have to pay hefty fees to dock your boat either. This is a great option for the casual fishing trip. You do want to make sure that the inflatable fishing boat that you choose is large enough for more than one person.

3. Visit Local Parks

The United States has a vast array of national and local parks. You can go to these parks for free in most cases. And guess what? These parks are filled with:

  • Wildlife

  • Trails

  • Picnic tables

You can go and spend time having a picnic with your child if you want. If you want to go wildlife watching, you can, too. There are ample opportunities to visit local parks. Hiking trails and waterfalls are also in my area, and there are sure to be some near you, too.

4. Go Explore Your Local Zoo

Animals and kids go together well. You'll find that local zoos have ample opportunities to go explore. Every zoo is different, but you may be able to bring your child to go see big cats, birds, reptiles and other wildlife.

Local zoos are often inexpensive, and any admission fees that you pay will go to the upkeep of the zoo.

You'll be paying to help keep the animals at your zoo safe, well-fed and healthy. Rescue missions and care for animals is expensive, so make sure that if you can, donate money to the zoos that you visit.

5. Watch Local, Minor League Sports Teams Play

Minor league sports teams are a lot of fun to watch, and you'll find that the tickets to these games are cheap, too. You will want to check out which teams are playing in your local area. A nearby minor league baseball team often has sales on Groupon that allow four people to go to the game for less than $30 – that's as cheap as it gets for a sporting event.

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