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Challenge: Back to School

5 Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids This School Year

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At some point in our lives, all of us have experienced some problem or the other while writing an essay. Many people, even after writing countless essays and papers, are just not able to keep a strategy for writing good essays. This makes their pieces unpredictable and quite irritating for the reader. When a teacher or an examiner reads essays written by those who are known to write well, they prepare themselves for grading better and read with a certain level of satisfaction throughout. Some tips for writing better essays are:

Introduction and Thesis Statements

Keep the introduction short and concise. Do not ramble of include anything that may be out of context. The best essays are those that delve straight into the topic instead of rambling on. Make sure to include a thesis statement in the introduction, in case you are writing an article or an argumentative type of essay. A thesis statement is a sentence that states your point of view or a sentence long analysis you have made of the subject given to you.

Paragraphs and Topic Sentences

The best essays are those that have generous paragraphing. Start a new paragraph for every new point that you have to make, no matter how small or insignificant they may be. Always keep the more important points first and then move on to those that seem less noteworthy. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, which states the argument you are making in one sentence. This prepares the reader for whatever you may be talking about in the rest of the paragraph.

Research Well

Well researched pieces of writing are a delight to read. Read a couple of published pieces on whatever topic you are given before you start writing on it. Every time you find yourself making a new point, open a search engine and try to find appropriate examples of it. Also, try to always cite sources for any study or statistic you may have included in your essay. This increases the authenticity of the essay and ensures you achieve a good grade.

Seek help

Most people who have any trouble writing college application essay or homework then they can try to seek help from other sources. You may ask a teacher, a fellow student who excels in the language or use the internet. There are many online services that can help write essays for you too such as Essayassist.

Language and Vocabulary

Make it a point to use flawless grammar and good words, with their synonyms. For this purpose, it is ideal to be an avid reader of novels, the news or any other published piece of work. Readers get very frustrated when they come across a grammatical error while reading an otherwise great piece of writing. It is also quite annoying to see the same word or phrase being used repeatedly. Run a spelling and grammar check on every essay after you are done, and always proofread to find any mistake the spelling and grammar check could not cover. Become habitual to also use a thesaurus frequently.

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