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5 'Mom Myths' that are totally true.

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New mom here. Over 6 months in and I have faced some harsh truths already.

There are so many things you hear about being a Mom. I fully expected to be living my best mom life with my baby who slept perfectly every night while I made my husband a home cooked meal and guzzled wine (because apparently, moms are obsessed with wine).


Incorrecto. (Wrong in Spanish)

Wrong in every other language.

I am here to tell you about 5 Mom Myths you hear before becoming a Mom that are totally true.

1. - You're always tired

Ding, ding, ding. 100% true, but you learn to deal with it. I have become accustom to not getting more than 3 hours of sleep at a time. My body now knows how to function, and I don't feel like something you would encounter on The Walking Dead. I start my day at 6am (most times, yes even on the weekends) by feeding the baby and end it about 11pm by trying to stay awake long enough to hold a conversation with my husband.

There is a Silver lining with this myth. It won't always be like this. I know my baby is just that, a baby. He will be sleeping through the night and won't need me sooner than I think. I have learned to try to enjoy the night feeds where it is just he and I. I can always cover up the dark circles under my eyes and drink enough coffee to keep me going - I can't always have these moments back.

2. - Your house is always messy.

YUP. Unless you have a ton of extra space in your house, or a housekeeper - your house will be messy. Baby stuff conquers all. I didn't ever think such a small person could have so many things. My kid literally has belongings in every room of our house - but you know what, that's life.

I would rather play with my baby, watch a re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond with my husband, or take a shower than worry about folding up his Kick and Play mat and putting it in its place. (Newsflash: you have to get it right back out anyways)

3. - Mom shaming is real.

Like real, real. No matter what you do - breastfeed, formula feed, co-sleep, sleep train, babywear, BLW, traditional weaning, daycare, stay at home, TV time, no TV before 2 - you are doing it wrong in someones eyes.

I didn't think the shaming was so real and no filter until I became a mom. Some of the things people say pertaining to other peoples choices with their own children will blow your mind. There are so many Sanctimommies out there ready to shred your parenting plans and set fire to your new motherhood bliss.

Hold your ground, and follow your gut. It is your baby and you ultimately know what is best. You're doing your best and that is all that matters.

4. - There is no such thing as 'Me Time'.

The closest thing you are going to get to 'Me Time' is staring at your phone right before you fall asleep. It doesn't matter if you stay at home - those kiddies are always there, or work - because your time is now your employers, if you bottle feed - you still have to prepare them, or if you breastfeed - hello, no personal space - 'Me Time' is a thing of the past.

Even when you shower - you will think you hear your baby crying (50/50 chance he isn't).

5. - You have never known a love like the love you experience as a Mom.

This one, I did not understand (obviously) until I was a Mom. I had no idea the flood of feelings I would have the first time I saw that little face. How much happiness I would get from his little smile appearing when he sees me come in a room. How my heart would feel like it was exploding when he just wants cuddles to fall asleep.

It's deep, and it's magical, and there is nothing in the world quite like it.

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