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5 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks Every Parent Should Know

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New mouths to feed come with more dishes to clean.

Maintaining a clean, organized kitchen can be a hassle for many parents, both the new and the experienced. At first you're dealing with the struggle of adjusting to caring for a newborn in the home.

Cleaning becomes a real chore when all you want is a quick nap to make up for restless nights.

Then, as they grow up, you've got to manage soccer practice and dance lessons along with dinner and the cupcakes for the bake-sale next Thursday. It's a wonder anyone can keep up this laborious cycle daily.

Fret no longer. Read on below to explore some kitchen cleaning hacks other parents have tested and approved to speed up the hassle.

1. When Life Gives You Lemons...

Use them to clean! (Besides, lemonade is high in sugar, anyway!)

These little citrus fruits pack a powerful punch on grease stains and grime, especially on stainless steel.

Dilute fresh lemon juice with 2 parts water to be less harsh on other surfaces that need a good scrubbing.

Your kitchen will smell amazing!

You can also drop a slice of lemon into your garbage disposal and run it for 10 seconds to get rid of that funky smell coming from your sink!

2. Crumbs Galore? No More

Kids and crumbs go hand-in-hand. They are everywhere, disorderly, and they haunt my dreams!

Here's a hack: Use a lint roller to effortlessly clean up any stray crumbs that have found their way onto the counter or table. This will reduce the hassle of wiping them off the floor and having to bust out the broom. Now you can take a pass with the roller and simply toss the sheet away.

Also, if you have pets, it's great to pick up any stray hairs that settle all over the house, not just on your clothes!

3.The Odor Absorber

Baking soda is a multi-use product in the kitchen, especially great at absorbing odors. Stick a box in the back of your fridge to keep it smelling fresh in-between the deep cleaning sessions.

And mixed with apple cider vinegar (also high in probiotics!) and diluted with water, baking soda can also substitute as a natural cleaning solution. Mix it in a spray bottle and let it set on a carpet, then wipe away any stains after a few minutes.

Bonus: you can even whiten your teeth with it!

4. Time for a Do-Over

As our kids grow, so do our kitchen needs.

More space, more cupboards, a bigger table, more workspace for bigger meals. The improvements add up. Start researching into some kitchen remodeling strategies to update your kitchen to provide all you can for your family. Be sure to check out sites like Pinterest and for inspiration!

5. The Cleaning Games (Let It Go!)

Dirty kitchen floor? Try one of these fun kitchen cleaning hacks out.

c3585d6c697894cdb1044ef46bebd24bb77f2b51.gifLay an old-but-trusty towel on the floor, and squirt a trail of cleaning solution and hot water along the floor. Just a little. Next, skate around the floor like you're an Olympic medal-winner!

*I suggest putting on a catchy, motivational song like, "Let It Go!" from Frozen while you skate around like a mad woman. Sure, you'll feel a little insane at first, but this is about embracing your inner-craziness for 3 minutes. It feels good!

Anyway, you might miss a spot or two, but this fun method definitely takes the mundane out mopping.

Death and taxes might be unavoidable, but at least you can turn tedious household jobs into something fun!

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