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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

5 helpful reminders to revive the weary mom

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I had two kids under the age of 5 just a few years ago, so I get it. I was a weary mom.

I love my sweet, smart and strong-willed daughters dearly. But, often, I find that although the years are short, the days are LONG — too long. I put together a list of reminders to encourage myself when my energy and patience are in low supply. I refer to this list when my doubts and fears are on overdrive.

From one weary mama to another, I hope these simple nuggets of wisdom will bring you comfort. I hope they will refresh your spirit in a difficult season of motherhood.


5 Helpful Reminders to Revive the Weary Mom

1. You are important.

You are the center of your children’s world. They depend on you for both their current survival and their future independence and well-being. Never forget the power and privilege of your role, because their life literally depends on it.

Mama, you are needed and irreplaceable, so please make time to take care of yourself, too.

2. You are loved.

Whether or not you feel loved and appreciated by your children or your spouse, God will always see your infinite worth and potential because you are his beloved child.

He accepts you in spite of your flaws and shortcomings, filling you daily with his Holy Spirit and covering you in his grace.

3. It’s OK to make mistakes.

Your kids need to see you mess up every once in a while so that they can also see how you apologize and learn from your failures. Children need to see you model humility and grace.

They need to know that mistakes are not the end of the world and that each new day is a new beginning.

4. It’s OK to pick your battles.

Sometimes we just need to lower our unrealistic expectations for both ourselves and our kids and stop trying to do it all perfectly.

If your kid is fed, hydrated and mostly treats others with kindness (see above re: mistakes), that’s a win. Fully clothed but wearing a jack-o-lantern shirt in April? Win. Still wets the bed but sleeps through the night? Win. The only green thing they eat is broccoli? Win.

5. You are not alone.

There are countless moms around the world struggling with the same things you are. We all struggle with back talk, potty training, sibling quarrels, defiance, disobedience, picky eating — you name it.

And, guess what? They often feel like failures, too. Not only are we all in this together, Mama, but we also have a constant companion and confidant in Jesus.

He is always there. He celebrates with us through every joy and mourning and through every heartache — even when we forget to ask for his help.

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