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5 Activities To Make Your Children Excited About Outdoors

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Most of the kids nowadays are more attracted to the gadgets over outdoor activities, and many of them entirely avoid outdoors. Over time this could affect their social life, so, as parents, we have to introduce them to everything we possibly can.

There are plenty of activities which can make our kids get close and excited about outdoors. Here are 5 activities to make your kids excited about outdoors and forget about their mobiles and games.


Go to a Beach

Summer is one of the best time of the year where you could get more time to spend time with your children. In summers everyone would like to feel the cold of water in the heat and would be relaxing, and children enjoy water games a lot. So, beaches could be a perfect place to spend an evening where the children could play in the ocean. Parents could bond with the children by building sand castles or sculptures together, go for treasure hunts, write names on the sand, or play a ball game. There are plenty of activities for kids to do on beaches which not only helps them to be active outdoors but also improve the parent-child bonding.

Visit Snow Resorts

Who wouldn't love being around snow once in a while? Both adults and children alike love to visit snowy places and summers are the best time of the years to visit such sites. There are plenty of activities to do in snow which would make the children to be outdoors most of the time. Activities like snowmobiling, dog sledging, tubing, skiing depend on the resorts you visit. However, building a snowman with snowballs, rocks and twigs, have a snowball fight, snow graffiti, and more. Activities like these make them forget about time and would allow them to love outdoors more than the gadgets they use 24/7.


Geocaching used to be a popular outdoor sport a few years back, even though it isn’t popular much most first-timers find it exciting and thrilling. By visiting, you can find coordinates for a good number of geocaches where you can find hidden items. Once you get the coordinates, enter them into your GPS device, it could be any device smartphone or a handheld GPS device which can assist you in the hunt. Remember you always have to place another item of good value after taking the original object. You can share your experience in the website logbook. Geocaching could be an exciting outdoor activity for your kids to explore new places.

Setup a Campfire

Campfire is a unique activity which mainly brings people together whether it be friends, lovers, strangers or families. It brings one’s inner feelings out and improves the bonding, also campfires are all-weather friendly, and most people love them in winters mostly. There are a good number of campfire activities to keep the kids active like cooking, singing songs, look to the stars and narrate your stories to your kids, use Mystical Fire Flame to give colours to the flames, play music and more. If you are looking to improve your bonding with your kids, then throw a campfire and have your family.

Organise a Scavenger Hunt

The suspense of what one going to find makes one excited about the scavenger hunt. There are different ways to organise a scavenger hunt depending on the location, no of people, and age group of people. You can have various items hidden at different locations and have a clue for each one or have a scavenger hunt with a series of clues which ends with the winning item. If it is only kids arrange a small scavenger hunt in a small location and have people watching over them, so they don’t get lost in the woods. Also, make sure the items or prizes are liked by children the last thing you want to do is disappoint the kids on a trip.

These five activities are the ones I like the most when I am with kids and make sure they are happy and enjoying most of the activities and over the process get close to them and improve the bonding with them.

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