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4 Places Your Kids Can Help You Clean at Home

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You're a clean person, or at least you try your best to keep your home tidy. As a parent, especially of preteens, it's easy to miss a few key places to clean. Kids have a way of leaving their cups behind furniture that parents can't find until they smell it.

Carpets will get dirtier faster. Toys may be strewn around the house.

Teens are sometimes cleaner, but they also have a tendency to be messy at times. Breaking this messy cycle is important for kids of all ages. Moms and dads often find that teaching their kids the importance of cleaning makes them more responsible.

Summer is coming, and this mean that it's the perfect time of year to transform your kids into little cleaning experts.

And you'll want to start with those key areas that even cleaning experts overlook.

1. Trash Can Cleaning

Your trash can has 411 bacteria per square inch inside of it. Just think about that for a second. Trash cans are often overlooked in the cleaning process because you line the can with a garbage bag, assuming that bacteria are kept out of the can.

It's not.

Teaching your kids to clean the kitchen trash teaches them the importance of making sure all of their garbage lands inside of the trash can. Make sure that your kids clean out all of the debris inside of the can before disinfecting and using an odor-eliminating product.

Kids hands are also smaller, so they often do a better job than adults with larger hands.

2. Knobs and Handles

When was the last time you cleaned off the knob on the bathroom door or the handles on your kitchen cabinets? I know I often forget to clean these key areas, and when I do, I can be sure that bacteria are left behind.

Kids and adults grab onto these knobs and handles all the time, making them a breeding ground for bacteria.

You'll want your kids to wipe down these areas in the:

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

But feel free to have your kids wipe down all the door knobs in the house – they really do harbor bacteria.

3. Bathroom and Kitchen Flooring

Mopping your kitchen or bathroom tile or hardwood floors isn't enough. I know I have been guilty of forgetting just how dirty my throw rugs in the kitchen can get. The rugs provide some traction and add to the décor of the home, but they're also where:

  • Foods drops

  • Juice drops

"The accumulation of dirt and other unwanted material on the floor can corrode its surface or cause structural damage. Some debris may contain acid or chemicals that can cause immense damage on the floor, especially when left without being removed for an extended period," states Executive Cleaning.

Carpets, tile and hardwood need to be cleaned well.

Teach your kids, when possible, how to clean your throw rugs in the washing machine. When it comes to those tricky corners and spots in your bathroom or living room, have your kids go on their hands and knees and clean out these corners.

It's a great learning experience for kids, and your floors will be spotless, too.

4. Clean the Dishwasher

Have you ever thought of cleaning your dishwasher? It didn't dawn on me that I needed to clean the dishwasher for a long time. I was completely naïve to the fact that the dishwasher had to be cleaned, and I absolutely despise trying to clean it.

So, I put my kids to the task because I dislike it and they're much smaller, which means they can reach the areas that I often miss.

Teaching your kids how to clean the dishwasher is fun, too. You'll want you kids to:

  • Remove the filter (yes, they exist)

  • Remove any debris inside of the dishwasher

  • Scrub away soap scum

Your dishwasher may be filled with hard water deposits and mold, too. A disinfectant can help you remove all of this unwanted bacteria and mold that's been hiding away inside of your dishwasher. There are also baking soda bombs that work very well, too.

When you have your kids help you clean, it teaches them:

  • Responsibility

  • The importance of cleaning

  • Patience

Kids are never too young to help mom and dad clean. But you will want to be cautious when allowing kids to use toxic cleaning agents. A little supervision or making sure that your kids don't have to use harsh cleaning agents is a great idea.

Other areas that your commercial cleaner may have missed are: bathroom décor items, curtains, upholstery, throw pillows, appliances, door frames, ceiling fans, baseboards, light switches and even your toothbrush holder.

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