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Challenge: Springtime Crafts for Kids

3D Design and 3D Print Your Own Egg Character

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always love the opportunity to trick my kids into having fun, being creative and learning something along the way. So today let's accomplish that and teach anyone how to make their first 3D designed and 3D printed character for spring.

But before I start...

You do not have to be technical or skilled to get started with the basics of 3D Design and 3D printing. Trust me! I do not have an engineering degree but once you do this I will tell you it's fun and addicting for kids of all ages.

I use Tinkercad, a free cloud based design tool for my projects. It's all done through basics shapes by dragging and dropping them onto the workplane to make cool things. If you have a 3D printer or access to one you can even make your designs real. But don't worry about having the 3D print - the kids will have hours of fun just designing!

So follow along as I make a silly egg chicken!

  1. Create a Tinkercad account. Again it's free. The community is safe for makers of any age. As a parent you have the ability to monitor what your child does and makes so it's a win for everyone!
  2. If this is your first time using a design tool, check out the lessons to get started but it's really easy. When you are ready "Create a New Design."
  3. You will be dropped into the workplane. This is the space that you design and make anything.
  4. On the right hand tab you will notice the shapes. Click on the Extras section.
  5. Under Extras you will see the basic shapes that we will use to create our funky chicken egg. Again, simple shapes!
  6. Now the fun part happens, simply drag and drop the chick feet onto the workplane. I started with two but no reason you can't use more!
  7. Then bring your egg onto the workplane and adjust over The your feet. The tool does not automatically attach the shapes but you can use the Align tool (CRTL+A) and Group tool (CRTL+G) to connect.
  8. Now try adding some bunny ears! It's getting fun so don't stop...
  9. Have fun adding eyes or maybe a beak! Give it a try and add more things on your own.
  10. I also used the text tool to add a message.
  11. That's it, it's pretty simple. Want to share on Facebook or download your image to share with others!

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