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33 Lists to Make | When Life Knocks You Off Your Block

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I am a list maker. I think I have mentioned that a time or two! As a kid, I made a list of everything I owned; a 10-year-old book and toy inventory of sorts. When I became a teenager those lists turned into all the things I wanted to accomplish before I graduated high school. As an adult, I turned list making into a way to sort my feelings, deal with stress, to just clear my head.

When life gets overwhelming I make a list.

This may sound silly, but lists have been my salvation when life has been tough. When I'm having a hard day I sit down with a pen and paper (I'm old school like that) and write lists. Now, don't get me wrong. I totally make lists just for fun too - favorite baby names, reasons I strongly dislike Caillou, words that I use too much

Here are 33 lists to make when life knocks you off your block.

Some are fun and some are serious. Some are important and some are meaningless. When you're ready, buy a special notebook and start making those lists. Use different colored pens, doodle, make it you. Make your lists something you can go back to when you need to de-stress or need a good laugh!

1 | Things That Make You Happy

This list is easier said than done at times. I can always come up with at least 20 things that make me happy, though.

2 | Things You Are Good At

Playing tennis, hopping on one foot, or listening to other people's problems. There's nothing too silly to add to this one.

3 | Things You Want to Learn

Spanish? How to make Chinese food? Great, now I'm hungry.

4 | Things You Are Grateful For

This is another list that's easier said than done at times too. Always at the top of my list is my family. Even if they are the reason I've been stressed into making the list!

5 | Things You Don't Do Enough

I feel like I never thank people enough for the kind things they do for me.

6 | Articles You Want to Read

I cannot tell you how many articles I've saved on my phone that I have found while browsing Facebook...and then never read them. I need to start writing them down.

7 | Books You Want to Read

I spend hours on Amazon or Good Reads just browsing and jotting down every single book I want to read. There more than 100 on that list, friends.

8 | A Bucket List of Things to Do/Places to Go With Your Kids

I've just started a "places to take the kids before they don't want to go anywhere with me" list. Now, if I could just win the lottery.

9 | A Seasonal Bucket List

I've made spring, summer, fall, and winter bucket lists for the kids. I totally need to make some for myself too.

10 | A Travel Bucket List

This list is for me and the hubs only. Now, if we could just win the lottery!

11 | Travel Packing List

I have to tell you that this is one of my most favorite lists to make. I don't know why. There's just something super satisfying about it.

12 | Gift Lists For Others

In-laws, parents, brothers, and sisters. Mailmen, teachers, friends, and enemies.

13 | Your Birthday/Holiday Wish List

This is a running list that I have had since 2002-ish. Some things have been checked off and others are still there.

14 | Your Favorite Memories

I make this list when I am missing my mom. I love making a list of my favorite memories with her.

15 | Your Favorite Songs

Wanna know some of mine? Just off the top of head..."Thriller" by Michael Jackson, "Call YouGirlfriendnd" by Robyn, and "Keeper of My Heart" by Kari Jobe.

16 | TV Series You Want to Watch

My list includes Orphan Black, Peaky Blinders, and Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

17 | Movies You Want to Watch

Fences, Lion, Arrival, The Edge of Seventeen, and Pete's Dragon. Manchester By the Sea, The Lobster, Moonlight, and Office Christmas Party. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Collateral Beauty, Doctor Strange, and Passengers.

18 | Favorite Smells, Sights, Sounds, Feels, and Tastes

Smell - Carmex -- Sight - the ocean -- Sound - my kids laughing -- Feel - the "blanket that makes you feel better" on my bed -- Taste - coffee, coffee, coffee!

19 | Inspirational Quotes

20 | People You Admire

I'm blank on this one at the moment. Mom brain going on.

21 | Random Acts of Kindness

I made a list of random acts of kindness for kids. Check it out!

22 | Recipes You Want to Try

Here's my Pinterest list.

23 | Self-Care Ideas

I wrote a blog post about decluttering my mind. This is my favorite self-care method.

24 | Ways to Be Healthier

I love this post from Christina at Embracing Simple. She gives 15 easy ways for moms to be healthier. This is a great start for your own list!

25 | Things to Declutter in Your Home

I wrote a blog post about this too. And guess what? It includes a list and FREE printable too!

26 | House Renovation List

New windows? Fresh paint in the kitchen? This is a fun list to make!

27 | Things You Have Accomplished This Year

Maybe you have lost a few pounds or ate 67 tacos at since January 1st. Whatever it is...list it!

28 | Things You Want to Achieve This Year

Want to lose some weight? Who doesn't? Do you have a goal to eat 200 tacos this year? You're well on your way if you've already eaten 67!

29 | Things You Love About Yourself

I love my hair (today anyway), my eyes, my ability to totally waste time watching puppy videos...or videos of c-sections.

30 | Things You Love About Others

I love that my husband is a hard worker. I love that my triplets are individuals and not exactly the same as many people think they'd be.

31 | Ways You Can Make a Difference

Volunteering. Speaking your voice. Giving. Loving. Sharing. Being kind. The list goes on and on...

32 | Words of Wisdom

You know you have some. List some things that you can share with someone to help them feel better no matter the situation.

33 | List to Make

What's better than making a list of lists to make?! Gah. I'm obsessed!

I may be a total nerd, but I get so much satisfaction from checking things off of my lists! Let me know in the comments some of your list ideas! Happy list making!

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