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3 Ways Stem Summer Programs Can Benefit Your Student

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Academic summer camps allow students to learn in a relaxed, creative, and entertaining environment without the pressures that the school year typically brings. There are many different types of summer camps that your student can participate in, but one—STEM—can have quite an impact.

STEM summer programs can help strengthen existing interests, or they can introduce students to brand new topics. Either way, STEM summer camps can be a great opportunity for continued learning during the summer months. Why?

1. STEM summer programs can introduce your child to new skills

A STEM summer program can be a great opportunity for your student to discover new skills and areas of interest that she might not have otherwise encountered in school. There are many components to STEM, from coding to statistics, that she might not have studied yet. A STEM summer program can open up a new world of skill sets and topics that she may discover she loves. In addition to concept-focused skills, STEM programs can teach skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and data-based decision-making.

Skills she discovers in these programs could also come up in school later down the road. Having learned these skills in a STEM program could give your child confidence once she does encounter them through her schooling. Getting ahead is always helpful, and a little confidence can go a long way when it comes to excelling in academics.

2. STEM summer programs can keep her mind active during the summer months

STEM summer programs can help keep your student’s mind active during the summer with creative learning strategies. As previously mentioned, there are many different activities that fall in the STEM realm. Creative yet engaging STEM activities can include LEGO creations, building an at-home robot, or crafting bridges and other structures from basic materials, such as popsicle sticks or straws. Remember school request do my project like the egg drop or building volcanoes? Those fall in the STEM bubble as well.

STEM summer programs provide the opportunity to engage in all of these types of activities, and more. They prompt your student’s mind to stay active and excited about learning by exercising problem-solving skills in a fun environment.

3. STEM summer programs can inspire confidence

Traditionally, STEM is a male-dominated field. According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, women account for around 29% of the engineering and science areas of the workforce. Women also make up around 48% of the biological, agricultural, and environmental sciences field. Despite these numbers, it can be empowering for a young girl to feel passionate and confident in a field that has such a growing potential for women. Getting started with STEM programs at a young age can set her up for success in this field in the future.

STEM programs have a great deal of benefits for your student. They can teach her new skills, keep her mind active, and encourage confidence in exciting areas. STEM studies don’t have to be intimidating—there are many fun and engaging activities to help get her excited about this field.

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