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3 Tips For Parents With Young Kids Planning A Cross-State Move

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Moving to a new place is stressful for everyone, but it can be especially stressful when you have young kids. Between leaving friends and their familiar home, young children can be very emotional when it comes to a move. Having to travel a long distance to your new home will only add to their distress.

I’ve realized that this is something so many parents encounter at some point, and having some helpful tips would make moving easier on everyone. So if you’re planning a cross-state move with young children, check out these three tips that will ease some of the stress for both your child and yourself:

1. Amp Up Excitement for the Big Move

Between packing and planning, we all know how exhausting moving can be. With that said, it’s time to put your acting skills into gear for your kid’s sake. You’ll want to amp up the excitement for every aspect of moving. I suggest looking for the best long distance moving company to help you sort out the details of your move so that you can focus more of your energy on getting your kids pumped for the trip!

From the new house to the journey there, you want to make your kids feel like the big move might as well be a trip to Disney World. When you make this transition seem fun and exciting, you can shift your child’s mindset and help them look forward to the move rather than resenting it.

2. Pack Lots of Entertainment for the Trip

One of the hardest things about moving with small children is keeping them occupied while traveling to your new home. When you’re moving cross-state, you may be driving for hours or days, depending on how often you need to make stops. The longer your trek, the more bored your kiddos are going to be! I know from experience, this kind of travel is rough on a child.

The goal is to provide lots of distractions to keep your kids entertained. You’ll want to pack coloring books, word puzzles, and electronics. If your kids blaze right through the entertainment you packed, and there are still hours of travel left, you can always resort to games like “I Spy.” These are old standards for a reason! Whatever your children enjoy the most, have it ready and on hand to keep time flying while you drive.

3. Make Their Comfort a Top Concern

It’s no secret that small children can be fussy, and fussiness gets worse during long car rides. To avoid temper tantrums and overall upset, make your kids as comfortable as possible. A comfy kid is a quiet kid. So you want to minimize anything that could cause discomfort for your child at what is already a physically and emotionally stressful time.

Make sure the kids have ample room to stretch their arms and legs. Pack pillows and their favorite blankets because naps will almost certainly happen. Small children will find comfort in having their favorite toys with them as well, so be sure to pack their beloved teddy bears, Barbie dolls, or action figures for the journey!

Get a Move On

As the wise saying goes, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. So prepare, prepare, prepare as best you can but, once you’re on the road, try to forget the stress (I know it’s hard). Instead, live in the MOM-ent (sorry dads) with your family and enjoy your time together. Remember, if the kids see you’re relaxed and having fun, they will (most likely) follow your example!

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