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3 Reasons Educational Family Vacations Are So Important

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Whether you are looking forward to Spring Break with the Kids or summer vacation, it’s probably time to start thinking about places to go and things to see. Maybe you have found a home in a family-friendly suburb outside of Austin, Texas because your family is the most important thing in your life. Why not carry that one step further and go on a family vacation where the entire family can learn while enjoying all that time spent together – time you will never get to recapture? There are at least three very good reasons why every family should take an educational vacation at least once when the kids are young.


1. Parents Can Learn Something Too

Many parents come back from an educational family vacation saying they had the most fun they’ve ever had on a vacation. The reason? They learned something too! This world is so big and technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that there is always something new to learn which wasn’t taught when mom and dad went to school. No matter how much we know as adults, it’s fun to realize we don’t know everything and sometimes the kids know more than we do, believe it or not.

2. Instilling an Early Passion for Learning

Psychologists have always said that kids learn best by watching what their parents do and listening (often when we don’t want them to) to what we say. When going on an educational vacation, kids learn a lot about the world we live in and they want to know more because they see how excited mom and dad get when exploring places that they are passionate about. Boys learn to love fishing when going out with dad, and girls, well most girls learn a passion for shopping when visiting flea markets and bazaars with mom while shopping for souvenirs. All kids can learn the value of agriculture when visiting local farmers’ markets to pick up fruits and veggies to enjoy while away from home. It’s interesting to watch kids actually enjoy learning new things.

3. Teaching Kids that Learning Can Be Fun

Above and beyond all else, parents want their kids to know that learning can be fun. They want their children to appreciate the value of a good education and if we can make learning something other than boring rote recitations of facts, they may really want to learn. What if you didn’t yet move to the suburbs of Austin but are interested in moving there, why not explore the state capital building with the kids? You can have fun while teaching them some fun facts about the state, like why it’s called the Lone Star State and how Texas is big on sustainable power, even with all those oil wells.

Sometimes, the family just wants to relax and go camping or visit a theme park for a week. However, it is always best to fit in a few educational family vacations because of how they help to open a child’s mind and teach the value of learning. Have fun this summer, and while you’re away, remember to bring home one fact you never knew. Make it an annual event and before long, you’ll be an expert in American trivia!

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