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Challenge: NICU Parenting

26 week twins 3 and 6 months in NICU - Roller Coaster Ride

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Today my twins are 5 but had a long scary 6 months. I got to the hospital 9 cm dilated didn't even know that was the problem because they were so early it wasn't the typical labor pains. Scared to death I wouldn't go to the NICU alone. After a month or so I finally got the courage to go in myself. But before then. Day 2 of life my daughter had surgery because she couldn't pass the infant poop. Long story story 7 surgeries later with complications. Each day was a roller coaster. You will have great days, good days and bad scary days. Still to this day I always feel like another shoe will drop. I don't know if that's because of the NICU experience because you feel you are take 2 steps forward and then a hiccup happens and you are set back. The eight surgery happened after a routine checkup to leave. They found aortic stenosis at 6 months she went to NY Presbyterian for open heart surgery. People think babies are fragile. They are stronger then we think. Stronger then adults! I'll be happy to share my story in detail with people if they want. They did not come home on any monitors or medications. They have over come a lot! They are happy healthy 5 year olds. The only way you know my daughter went through anything if you lift up her shirt and see her 4 very large scars on her body from the surgeries. My son was lucky only double hernia.

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