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Challenge: Raising Siblings

25 Firsts During Year One

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My oldest has a beautiful chest full of all his keepsakes... hospital bracelets, greeting cards, wrapping paper from his first birthday, and beyond.

My second has a big shoebox halfway full of the same stuff- only less of it.

And my third, well... he has a ziplock bag on the top shelf of his closet. I think there are two cards inside.


I try to keep track of every single milestone that I plan on recording in the baby books I haven't started for my sons- especially my youngest, who is embarking on his first birthday. It's been quite a whirlwind of a year balancing three boys under five; my littlest guy knows nothing of a schedule, as I'm always schlepping him to and from his brothers' schools, or letting him cry while I wipe his brother's poopy tush. It's simply the tale of the third-born: the short end of the stick; but truth be told- he's the happiest baby on the block and goes with the flow flawlessly. Bless his sweet heart.

So this "list" is dedicated to him- the kid who made our family complete. It’s a list many mothers would agree on: the most memorable moments during year one.

1. The first poop. It's black, tar-like, and bizarre looking…but it's extremely rewarding (for some odd reason) to us moms.

2. The first smile. Usually caused by relieving gas, but that adorable gummy smile is simply swoon-worthy. Alexander's first grin was when he was a few weeks old, and I immediately blasted it on Instagram.

3. The first time my boys napped... at the same time. It didn't last long, but I did get a picture. Framer!

4. The first roll. OMG, he moved! Just like you, I'm sure, I touted Alex the strongest baby in the world. That first roll made me so darn proud.

5. The first laugh. Music to our ears and tears in our eyes. Best. Sound. Ever.

6. The first tickle-caused laugh. We love making our children happy; what's better than making them giggle?!

7. The first time his brothers made him laugh. This, by far, made me cry mom tears.

8. The first time they sit (until falling over). Head control… check. Balance… check. Sitting… check!

9. The first time they eat puree. Alex made that bewildered-what-the-heck-was-that look I found it hysterical. Avocado for the win!

10. The first babble… especially when that babble happens to be "mama." We convince ourselves that "mama" is their first official word because we, of course, are their best friends FOREVER.

11. Their first real trick… whether it be clapping, picking their nose, making a funny noise on demand, whatever... Only proof he's destined to do great things in life.

12. More-so, the first time he claps his hands when you sing: "If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands." A musical prodigy!

13. The first scoot. This movement comes before crawling; how I praised his determination to move!

14. The first rock; again, before the official crawl. This is when they get on their hands and knees and rock back and fourth. Cuteness overload.

15. The first crawl! Success! Our little thing is now a moving little person! (And now we are crying, in denial they are growing up too fast.)

16. The first "real" solid, like a meltable cracker. Get your iphones ready to capture this momentous milestone. It's usually quite entertaining to witness.

17. The first real play. Yes, your baby has been playing with toys from day one, but now he's not just seeing how they taste or feel. This first is a cool one- witnessing your child babble on a toy phone, roll a ball, or bounce to music.

18. The first time he pulls himself up… And we thought crawling was a big deal! It's just so exciting.

19. The first time he walks assisted (with a walker or holding your hand). And they do it wearing pure proudness on their face.

20. The first unassisted step. Tears of joy.

21. The last breastfeed (if this is the route you take), as many choose to stop by the end of year one. Sometimes you don’t even know it’s the last time until it’s over.

22. All those first holidays: the first Halloween, first New Year’s, first Santa photo, etc.

23. The first time he really, truly sleeps through the night (if you’re lucky enough to get those 8 hours during year one. Me: not so lucky).

24. But also, all those nights you spent rocking- in the dark, just you and him. Nothing else mattered. No one else was awake. To me, those middle of the night quiet moments meant the world. As tired as I was, I knew the snuggle sessions would eventually become a mere memory.

25. The first wave “hi” or “bye,” …or that first hand blown kiss. A real hug. A murmur of “night night” (even if it’s in his special baby language). Proof he is transitioning from baby to toddler- understanding things and thriving.

Where does the time go?

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