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25 Business Plans for Work-from-home Moms

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Looking forward to explore your professional side and earn some good bucks without tampering with your primary domestic responsibilities? Well, here goes a list on 25 potential business ideas compatible for work-from-home moms.

  • Blogger

Blogging is one of the best business ideas for those who prefer to work from home. Your blog topic must be your forte and convey your area of interest. You can start blog on anything, be it culinary skills

  • Artist

If are blessed with artistic vision you can utilize your craftsmanship to earn some good bucks online- it could be paintings or dance video tutorials or hand made jewelries etc.

  • Bookkeeper

As more and more businesses are taking to web based accounting software, there is an increasing demand for online bookkeeping freelancers.

  • Business-plan writer

With the increasing trend of being self-employed, there is the rising need for business-plan writers who can guide the amateur entrepreneurs with a potential business operation blueprint.

  • Bridal consultant

Modern brides are too busy to manage their wedding on their own and hence are always looking for smart and organized bridal consultants.

  • Cake decorator

A cake is a perennial phenomenon in almost every occasion and everybody loves well-decorated cakes. If you are creative and have a knack for embellished bakery, cake decoration is your call.

  • Life coach

Increasing stress from everyday life pushes people to look for a guide to support them in their rough phases. If you understand the nuances of life and have this desire to help people in their hard times, the career of a life coach would be really fulfilling.

  • Children’s book author

Are you the mom who always had to invent new stories for your kids every night? Did your kids love them? If it’s yes then you can definitely try your luck with other kids as well.

  • Get crafty

Do you specialize in homemade goodies? Well, there are many online retail websites where you can sell the items right from your home.

  • Business consultant

Do you specialize in some specific industry? Well, you can start business consultancy for the beginners in the industry, straight from your den.

  • Copywriting

Content writing is the heart of internet marketing and there is an increasing demand for copywriters- if you have a penchant for writing, online copywriting or editing would be a good idea for you.

  • Home based sales

You can start off a house based franchise for famous brands online. There are elite cosmetic and electronic brands that offer home-based franchise options online. You would be helped with all needed marketing materials.

  • Fitness training

If fitness is your fetish and forte, a home based fitness consultancy would be the apt thing for you. Added to home based training sessions, you can also go for video tutorials on work out online.

  • Event management

Do you love parties and do not mind the organization hassles? Event management consultancy can be a great career idea for you here. Try to focus on business or corporate events for a splendid income.

  • Grant Writer

The non-profit organizations are on the continuous struggle to manage grants which calls for an appealing grant letter. If you love to write and have the ability to churn up pulling pieces, freelance grant writing could be your thing.

  • Graphics designing

Graphics designing is in huge demand today and the online world enables one to carry on the graphics contracts right from the home. Try to specialize in the most significant areas for graphical works such as infographics, brochures, logo designing etc.

  • Virtual tutor

If you love to teach, the online scene is ready to extend a really prosperous career platform. There is a huge demand for virtual tutors today and you will even get students from various countries of the world.

  • Web designing

The increasing significance of the digital arena in the commercial sector in pulling in almost every business online today- and a website is the primary thing for every brand trying to establish business online. If you have taken courses on web designing, you can explore your specialized skill through the virtual world, straight from home.

  • Image consultant

The modern corporate world does not only judge the hard work and acumen of the employees but they are also needed to stay prim & proper when it comes to their image. If you are really good at pulling out the perfect dress code as per the occasions, a home based image consultancy would be right for you.

  • Interior designing

Everybody aspires to have a beautiful home but few have the talent to ensure the appealing quotient rightfully. If you hold the experience and expertise to do up the rooms beautifully, an online interior designing consultancy would be an apt option for you. You don’t always need to sign up with expensive interior designing courses- just be creative and stay updated with modern décor trends.

  • Freelance internet marketer

Internet marketing seems to be the order of the day across the contemporary business scene. It’s good if you can take up specialized courses on some of the principal strategies of online marketing as internet marketing can be continued right from the home.

  • Nanny placement agency

Babysitting or nanny service is popular like never before as in almost every family you have both the parents working in offices. If you are in touch with some trusted nannies eager for work, a home based babysitting placement agency would be a great option for you. Create a website & take help of local SEO to spread words about your agency.

  • Personal chef

Do you have a knack for culinary activities and won’t mind whipping up special dishes for others? Well, you can start up a home based chef business where you will supply quick breakfasts or healthy lunches for families.

  • Travel planner

If you love to plan travels and hold good knowledge on different locations, travel planning consultancy is a great idea for you.

  • Pet pertinent services

If you adore pets and love to be with them, pet pertinent services- like pet sitting, grooming or homemade pet foods- would be fantastic.

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