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2021 may not be the knight in shining armor we all hope it will be

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Goodness knows we're all ready for 2020 to hightail it's annoyingly tumultuous arse outta here, but are we prepared for the beginning of the year 2021, which, sadly, but realistically, might not look (or feel) much different?

I know what you're thinking ... way to be a bah humbug, right?

Wrong. Or, at least, well, that's not my intent.

What I am trying to
talk about,
and wrap my brain around
is the fact that though a few positive things are on the horizon like
vaccine trials, production, and delivery
and, perhaps (hopefully), a less divided government and nation,
these things take time,

and that I (and the rest of America) MUST. STAY. PATIENT.

And I say, "stay" patient because there isn't a doubt in anybody's mind that every one of us has been working our tail off to stay as unruffled and even-mannered as we can while the world is on fire.

And here's what else I'm thinking --

2021 may not be the knight in shining armor we all hope it will be,
but maybe 2021 will be the year we each realize that we are our own.
And that if our heart is in the right place, we can be one for others as well.

That no




or anxiety-provoking lingering pandemic,

is stronger than a single one of us or a group of us when we stick together.

My advice?

Let's keep

our expectations minimal,

common sense at the forefront,

self-belief strong,

grace handy,

a bucket of faith stored up in case any personal droughts come about,

and keep on, keepin' on -- however that looks and feels for each of us individually.

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