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Challenge: Life Changes

2020- a year in review.

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A year that has brought us so much sadness.


2020 was heavy, so very heavy. It still is, like a brick weighing our hearts down; it has us grasping for air.

2020 has closed so many doors for us, cancelled so many celebrations.

2020 has separated us from our loved ones.

2020 has covered our faces and barracaded our hearts.

2020 has shifted our perspectives as to what really matters.

2020 has challenged us in ways we never would have imagined.

We celebrated birthdays and graduations by driving our cars and honking our horns.

Weddings invitations looked like zoom meeting links, while the weddings were celebrated behind screens, behind closed doors, fighting back tears of sorrow rather than happiness.

We welcomed our newborns into our hearts but not into the arms of our family members.

The first time a mother did it without a village- she had no choice.

The nights of these days consumed us with overthinking.

We had to choose between working to feed our families or staying home, to not expose ourselves and our loved ones.

We had to choose between juggling all the things motherhood has to offer, while simultaneously homeschooling and working from home.

We had to stay 6ft apart, at all times and for some, staying alone with their thoughts was mentally draining.

For some, staying confined in an unhealthy relationship was daunting.

For some, it was the time of their life, until they feared it became a norm, and not a situation that too, shall pass.

2020 looked different for all of us, but it was challenging to us all nonetheless.

2020 was a year of reflection and awareness.

2020 was the year that taught me who and what matters most.

2020 was the year that taught me just how much kindness really matters.

The year we all grew closer together, while staying 6ft apart.

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