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1,500 days left...

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I have roughly, 1,500 days left until my eldest daughter goes to college... sounds like a lot of time but in reality she is graduating from eighth grade and entering high school, a summer where there are a lot of changes... maybe I should hold on for this ride I am about to embark on...

How do I possibly attempt all that I am hoping to do with her in that short amount of time before she leaves our cozy home of love and security? You may laugh, saying roughly 1500 days and thinking this is a lot of time, but in reality, I have already had 5,110 days to this exact minute.

I don't feel like I have made my mark enough, impacted her in a positive way that she will enter adult life with the back burner of her mind brewing, I need more time, there is still more... I question, with great anxiety, do I actually have enough time to teach her all of the life lessons that need to be taught before college orientation on the quad of a college campus... I question if I can make a difference.

1,500 days left to be silly, tell her she is more than enough, that she can do anything that she desires to be with the right balance of motivation, work ethic and passion...1,500 days left to tuck her in to bed at night with a good night kiss, snuggles and an I love you in person, not over the phone or texting,

Roughly 1,500 days to share stories about love, desire and often loss, ones heart breaking, loss of words, and then finding the story and lesson behind the experience, 1,500 days to snuggle together on a rainy Friday night watching a movie that is beyond scary in my mind but doing it just to spend time with her, 1,500 days to empower her to truly believe, in the belly of her soul, that she is important, a jewel in this world, often immersed in chaos and destruction, but that she alone can make a difference, as one person, one girl, one voice.

Roughly 1,500 days left... I must not waste a minute...

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