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15 Most beautiful small tattoo designs and ideas

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Tattoos have established many centuries before, In ancient times people are using tattoos, it is used for love and devotion in that time, they were using small tattoo designs for their initials on body parts, a sign of their home town, birds, plants, animals, evil. These are the signs which are used by ancient people.

Now are days tattoos are more popular as compare to the olden days, it becomes a common thing now are days especially for youngsters, they are showing their mentality, feelings, by tattoos, because now are there are a lot of new beautiful tattoo designs for boys and girls are available. Now are days we have the latest technology for tattoo designing, Specially in Mumbai, Tattoo studio’s in Mumbai having latest machines.

15 most beautiful small tattoo designs and ideas are as follows –

1. Tribal small tattoos – Now are days most the people especially men are preferring tribal small tattoos for a better look, cause there are lots of options in tribal designing it contains lots of symbols, spiritual marriage, blessings symbols etc. it will look better in black ink or grey ink at behind on neck.

2. Small Cross Designs – It shows religious devotion, these types of tattoos are for religious people, it contains religious words and symbols. It looks very attractive with calligraphy and Arabic, usually, people prefer simple dark black ink.

3. Small dragons tattoo – this tattoo is also very famous now are days, it represents mystery, powers, evil practises, it looks very well to have a small dragon tattoo with a combination of dark colours.

4. Pretty butterfly tattoos – They are specially meant for girls, having a small but beautiful tattoo of a butterfly on the wrist or on neck looks very sweet. many of them preferring a colourful tattoo.

5. Small fairy tattoo – These types of tattoos are choice teenage girls who are having craze of fairies, having a cute and pink colour small tattoo on the shoulder or hand looks cute, girls first preference colour is pink and red for these tattoos.

4. Chinese kanji tattoos – it is a collection of Chinese images, these are famous now are days, it contains so many of symbols of kings, queens, dragons, tombs, mummy’s, supernatural, negative and positive powers. most people don’t know what it means.

5. Beautiful rose tattoos – It is common in both men and women, having a black rose behind the neck of men gives a killer look, and girls prefer it on the wrist or on behind the ears.

6. Small crown tattoo – Having a crown tattoo looks cool, there are so many different types of crown designs available like the crown of nawabs, nizams, British king’s crown, dutch crown etc.

7. Rising sun tattoos – This is also a very beautiful type of tattoos, it is a sign of victory from ancient times, people think that it is a sign of good luck.

8. Inspiring tattoo – These types of tattoos inspire the people by the beautiful quotes written on it, it is very trendy in youths.

9. Palm tree tattoos – It looks very simple and beautiful to have it on wrist or neck. it is a symbol of the piece in Miami city. not so common it’s a rare tattoo.

10. Lion tattoos – This tattoo is very famous and most preferable by men cause it’s a symbol of power, having a tattoo of a lion on the left side of the chest is a trend or having tattoo of lion mixed with a flower design on behind the neck is awesome.

11. Pet portraits – Having a small pet tattoo looks very cute and sweet like, a cat with a pot, sitting dog, looks very attractive, women prefer these type of tattoos on the wrist or the neck, with black or with dark grey ink.

12. Classical art tattoos - It looks very classy to have a little tattoo of classical art or classical portrait, it will give us and classical touch, it should be naked on hand or neck. with multi colours or simple black.

13. Bees with flowers – This type of tattoos looks very lovely it is a symbol of love, can have a colourful or simple tattoo of a flower with few bees on behind the ears or on the wrist.

14. Coloured octopus Tattoo- It is a very funky and beautiful tattoo, the small but colourful tattoo looks perfect on the wrist or on behind the ears.

15. Maple leaf Tattoo – Maple leaf tattoo looks very beautiful and sober on the wrist it is a new trend, to have a multicolour maple leaf or a single colour leaf.

So these are the 15 most recent and beautiful ideas of small tattoos who looks very decent and sober on men or women both, and it suits every skin tone. these designs are an inspirational piece of art.

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