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Challenge: Get organized!

15 Minutes to Stop Your Mornings From Resembling the Zombie Apocalypse

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We drag our kids out of bed and they slowly walk to the kitchen for breakfast in a zombie-like state. Then ten minutes later it's a mad dash to get them dressed, packed for the day and out the door. We end up exhausted, like we just fought some walkers, all before our day really starts.

If Daryl Dixon were a part of our mornings it would all be worth it. OK, enough fantasizing, let's get serious.

The most stressful part of the day for many is first thing in the morning.

It's packed with whining, complaining, nagging, rushing around, searching for lost stuff while getting dressed and out the door all in the span of three minutes. Well, at least it feels that way.

Your nerves are already shot from your stressed morning, but you dive into jammed packed public transportation or bumper to bumper traffic on your way to work.

No wonder road rage and general grumpiness are on the rise!

You may think I'm a bit woo woo (I am a little) but, what you do first thing in the morning can impact your entire day. And the same goes for your kids.

Guess what?

Your stressed out, chaotic, morning routine can make your entire day suck and it's bad for your health.

Sorry to be so blunt, but it's true.

You can kiss your crazed mornings goodbye by adding something into your family's nighttime routine that will take 15 minutes or less. That idyllic cereal commercial may be within reach afterall!

Do It At Night To Wake Up Bright

That's what I like to call this exercise. If your mind wandered somewhere else, shame on you! Although that may also make your mornings brighter, it probably won't help with the chaos part.

15 minutes in the evening to stop the morning chaos. It's a simple, family thing. Ready?

Step 1 - Everyone gets a hanger and places their school/work clothes on it for the following day. Hang a bag over the neck of the hanger and have kids add accessories in there too. That means no searching for the perfect headband or rainbow loom bracelet in the a.m. Oh yeah!

Step 2 - Kids pack their school bags with everything they need for the next day including homework, projects, permission slips, gym clothes, musical instruments, etc. and set it by the front door.

Step 3 - You can add this one in once the kids are in the habit of doing step 1 & 2. Have the kids pack their lunches and snacks for the day and place in the frig.

While the three steps above are simple, they're not easy. I can already hear your objections.

"Fifteen minutes at night?! What is she cray cray?! I can't add one more thing to our already crammed evenings. We barely get homework done and dinner on the table before bed."


"Has she met my kids? I can't get them to brush their teeth before bed let alone pack their backpacks."

Here's the real deal - Getting organized/clearing clutter is a life changing habit. Life changing habits take time and practice to implement.

But it doesn't have to be all blood, sweat and tears.

- Try and make it fun. Set an egg timer, put on some music and have the whole family get into the groove.

- Have your kids hop into action right after dinner before their TV or computer time.

- Add it to their chore/allowance chart

- Lead by example - use that same 15 minutes to get your work clothes & bag ready.

Remember the BIG payoff - no more ranting, loud mommy, losing her crap at 7:30 a.m. mornings! That's something everyone can get on board with.

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