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12 Modifications that will Make your Car look as Good as New

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Unfortunately, not everyone can afford luxury cars. But that shouldn’t stop you from turning your existing one into something special. With just a few modifications and upgrades, you’ll be able to improve the style or performance of your set of wheels. Some of the basics include steering wheel covers, pedal covers, window tints, and boot liners.

But if you’re interested in the luxurious counterparts, here are a few cost-effective tips to transform your ordinary car into something extraordinary.

1. Professionally clean inside and out

Don’t miss out on this obvious step. Not only does this increase the curb appeal and value, but personally there’s nothing better than a tidy car. The first and easiest step to make your car look good is throwing away the empty fast food wrappers and removing any extra belongings. Even if you have a habit of washing and vacuuming your vehicle regularly, go out and get it done professionally. They’ll give it a deep clean that will make you fall in love with your automobile all over again.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to clean under the hood. That doesn’t mean you should start spraying the engine with soap and water! There are specific techniques that need to be followed strictly. Regular maintenance will keep the engine grease and grime-free, keeping corrosion to a minimum. It’s bound to take years off your car.

2. Wow the tires

Whether you’re a serial modifier or just beginning your journey, tires are the easiest and the single most effective way to create an impact. You could change the size of the tires or simply replace the hubcaps. But if you’re aiming to add a great oomph-factor, consider using rim protectors for your alloys. For just a few pounds, you get a customized look for your set of wheels. Remember not to go overboard; you don’t want to look too flashy or tacky.

If you plan on altering the size, make sure to have a mechanic adjust, balance, and align them. If you don’t have quality rubber that can translate power to traction, it’ll be all for nothing.

3. Aim low

What is sexier than a low-riding car? Though not the easiest of mods, it’ll definitely make heads turn. Create a sportier look by getting your vehicle set lower. Several factors affect it such as spacers, wheel width, tire size, wheel ET, camber, etc. But the key elements of stance include a lowered suspension, large wheels, and stretched tires. Some cars can effortlessly combine visual appeal and handling.

4. Change the seat covers

If your seats have seen better days, it’s time to revamp the upholstery. It’s an instant way to give your interior an aesthetic upgrade. It not only hides any tears and stains but can improve the comfort of your ride. This low-cost mod gives you the option of customizing your seats depending on what colour or material you choose. Find the ones that fit your seats properly and enhance the car’s overall appearance.

5. Replace the carpet or mats

Have you ever wondered where the distinct smell of a brand new car comes from? Yep, you guessed it right- the carpet. Though replacing the carpet may be costly and time-consuming, it’s recommended for automobiles that are ten years or older. So if the carpet has endured a great deal of wear and tear, here’s a chance to revitalize the interior. On the upside, it’ll increase the value of your automobile if you plan on selling it to any scrap car buyers in the near future.

But if you’re interested in a quick upgrade, changing the mats is an easy solution.

6. Fix the dents

Nothing’s worse than a dent to tarnish your car’s impeccable look. They tend to give the most negative vibes. People think that you’re a careless driver, even if it isn’t your fault. In fact, some avoid parking next to a car with dents in fear that the dents may find their way into their automobile. Try fixing it with a dent puller. But if this doesn’t work, you might have to head to the nearest auto shop for repairing or replacing the damaged panel.

7. Remove those scratches

A flawless, shiny finish shows how much you care about your car. The ugliest vehicle can look wonderful after a good wax job, and the nicest one can be an eyesore with scratches or a layer of filth. Though there is no way to avoid elemental damage, you can easily fix them with the aid of inexpensive body repair kits. The most important part of the job is it to find matching paint. Don’t settle for anything close enough. It will stand out worse than the original scratch when you’re done.

8. Get an exhaust upgrade

This piece of enhancement is more than just cosmetic. It can improve performance and sound. A simple upgrade can decrease pressure on the engine. So here’s the green light on this modification- go ahead.

9. Interior LED lighting kit

Express your personality by adding bits of colour and accents to the interior. Much like decorating your home, you need to choose your pieces with finesse. Utilize interior lighting kits to add cool visuals to the foot-wells.

Another popular trend is installing car door lights. It’s an affordable way to make your car stylish – and others jealous.

10. New headlights and tail lights

We’re not quite done with lights. Let’s add some flavour to the front and back. Immediately transform your vehicle to a newer look. You can either clean up the dirty, foggy headlights or replace the bulbs with something that is more appealing. For extra protection and fashion also consider looking into headlight covers and tinting. But make sure to abide by the regulations set by the law.

11. Gadgetize

Since older cars are outdated in this era, it’s understandable to implement a few gadgets such as a backup camera, to feel a bit more modern. Replace your simple stereo with a touchscreen infotainment system. It’s a simple way to re-energize your daily commute. Add some additional luxury features such as hands-free communication, Bluetooth, entertainment system, remote startup, etc. and get pampered with the latest technology.

12. Wrap or decal

Wrapping and decal, also known as car signage and stickers, are two of the newest modifications to hit the auto industry. They have a massive impact on your car’s appearance- and they don’t cost pennies. So if you plan on covering any surface such as doors or grill trims with either, consider getting only the best.

Roof wraps and wing mirror wraps are subtle changes that you can create to make your automobile stand out from the rest. Done right, you’re bound to get whistles of admiration from any passer-by.

For as long as cars have existed, owners have modified them in some way. Adding a custom touch nowadays is becoming more popular than ever. Just keep in mind that not all cars are made equal. Some are easier to alter than others. So before you attempt for any alterations, consider the cost of the modification on your vehicle.

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