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Challenge: Choosing Baby Names

10 ways of Naming your Baby

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The birth of a child brings many changes including joy, decision making, diet, new routine, lifestyle, issues to do with home insurance among others. Plus, if you are pregnant, one of the things you are looking forward to, other than meeting your little bundle of joy, is giving your baby a name. It's not easy to select a suitable name for your baby. If you do not already know what name to give your child, here are a few things to keep in mind;-

1.Explaining Might Be Necessary

In case the name you have for your child is unusual, you may have to explain a few things to those around you. People will always be curious to know how you came up with that name. To prevent people from asking many questions about the name of your child, tell them it is in the family.

2. The Name Will be Right

Many parents feel pressured to come up with a perfect name. The truth is, you need to relax because you will soon realize that your baby's name is the right one. Once the baby comes, you will accept the name fully and won't imagine the baby with another one.

3. Confusion May Arise

Confusion will arise when you spell a common name differently because you will be forced to spell it when signing your child in for after-class activities. Confusion may also arise if you give your child a name that is gender-neutral.

4. Eventually, People Will Accept It

If you give people your child's name before it is born, you may be greatly affected by their reactions. However, when they see the baby associated with the name, they accept it! This is because the name now belongs to an actual little human being that they can see.

5. Celebrities Can Affect a Name

You might choose a unique name that suits you. However, a few years down the line, a celebrity might get a baby and gives the child the same name. You may feel bad especially if the celeb has a bad image that can't be associated with your kid. On the other hand, the celebrity could influence other parents to name their kids that way.

6. Not Everyone Will Get It

Some parents keep the kids name a secret until they are born. The disadvantage of this is that not everyone will be sure how the name is spelled or pronounced or whether it is a boy's or girl's name. You can choose a few friends and family members to help prevent spelling and pronunciation confusion. If you still do not want those close to you to know the name yet, go online and test how people react to it.

7. Baby Name and Its Personality

Most parents rush to pick a name even before they confirm the personality of their kid. Doing this may lead to regrets later in life when you realize that your kid's name is nowhere close to how they carry themselves or who they are.

8. Think of Nicknames

You may spend months looking for the right name for your kid but still end up not using it. This is because some parents end up using nicknames instead, some of which are not derived from their kids' names.

9. Call the Name Loudly

Often, parents only imagine what a name may sound like when they are singing to the kid and not how it would sound when they are called by their friends when playing in the field. If you imagine calling out your kid's name, your perspective of the name may change.

10. Name Associations

After watching your favorite movie, you are probably thinking of calling your child the main character's name. Many name associations are brief.

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