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10 Useful Tips For Traveling With Toddlers

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Your lovely baby has become a toddler now. Most parents get very anxious when it comes to travel with their toddler baby thinking of all the hassles on the way. Although as rational as this is, it’s very much doable to have a hassle free travel if you consider following a few useful tips.

Give your baby a head start

Ever wondered why babies cry so much whenever they go somewhere other than home? Its because when they discover themselves someplace new with lots of strangers around, they get scared easily and cry. A simple trick can work well to avoid this situation. Before going somewhere, familiarize your baby showing photos of your destination; if possible, show some photos of the people that you’re going to meet there. This way your baby will never feel scared and stay cry free. Try this trick and you’ll thank me later.

Pack wisely

When travelling with your toddler, your first task would be packing your luggage. Try to be very considerate about this step and don’t forget the essential things for the journey. Also try not to make your luggage a heavy-weight thing by filling it with redundant stuff.

Take a Carry on

Your luggage is ready. But have you considered a carry on? It would be very useful to have small but perfect backpack diaper bag with you having all the necessary items for the baby such as diaper cream, socks, bottles, books, etc. It would be very handy if you’re a single parent and cautious about time saving. Besides it is always a relief to have all the essentials of your baby on hand.


Do not bring toys

Yes, you heard it right! Your baby has not reached the age of playing with toys yet. You can simply keep him/her happy with a book or two to look at. S/he will be much more amused by looking at funny faces and stuff. So, save the space in your luggage by removing unnecessary toys.


Window seats are the best for travelling with your baby. It will keep him/her wondered with the beauty of nature and also help him/her sleep. Therefore, do not miss the window seat, if it takes early booking, do it!

Rent a Car if possible

Even though it would cost more, it will always be very much helpful to rent a car while travelling with your toddler. This way you will not face problem keeping necessary stuff (stroller, snacks, etc.) and changing clothes whenever you want.

Hotels? Elevators?

While choosing your accommodation, whether it’s a hotel, motel, rest-house, or a rented apartment, it is very important to check if the place has an elevator or not. Because you don’t want the hassle of carrying heavy strolls and stuff by taking the stairs every time.

Know about the Doctors

Half of your stress would be gone if you have the knowledge about the nearest Pediatrician’s location. So, put this on your checklist.

Get along with your baby

Keep your kid happy and entertained. Surprise your baby by doing magic tricks, or play with him/her using anything like it could be your key-ring or wallet or whatever. Take rest stops every once in a while when your baby wakes up from sleep. This way s/he can stretches up every once in a while.

Be confident

Last but not the least, you must be very confident about your little genius. Do not bother people who think of bringing kid as a nuisance, just be yourself and enjoy. After all its your kid, right? J


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