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Challenge: Keeping Your Cool

10 Tips to Maintain Composure as a Struggling Mom

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According to the latest report from the NVSS (National Vital Statistics System) database, around 7 babies are born every minute in the United States. This means that every minute, someone else also becomes a mother or another member is added in her family. The birth of a child is no doubt a wonderful moment to behold – tears and laughter, a miracle in plain sight. But, this euphoric feeling does not last forever, always. Suddenly, a domino effect sets in. And gradually, reality knocks at the door, sooner than expected – and mom needs to make a difficult decision soon: continue working, take care of the baby at home, or juggle something in between?

Does being a mom also mean giving up your professional career? Does it end there?

Of course, no! You can always find a way to work something out, even with that big responsibility on your shoulder. Opportunities are everywhere - even for moms, like you, who are constantly juggling their work and home-life on a day to day basis. In fact, according to Pew Research Center, 34% of the total number of stay-at-home moms are poorer and less educated. This number, however, is only 14% in 1970. On the other hand, moms that continue their career only accounts to 12% in the same criteria.

Whether you want to re-enter the workforce or still contemplating on making the big decision to continue your professional goals or stay at home, these 10 career tips will surely boost your career:

1. Own Your Status.

The very first step to coming up with an effective solution to start moving forward is acknowledging that there is an something that needs to be addressed. Being a mom is not a setback. Don’t get this wrong, motherhood entails a ton of work - hard work.

Being a mom comes with great responsibility and always brings about challenges, giving you the opportunity to gain a set of skills that do well in any given career: operating on a budget, creativity, and problem-solving among others. Most employers would bet on these skills rather than employing a new grad.

2. Outsource Your Duties At Home.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. You might spend some bucks here, and it may seem expensive on the surface. But, focusing your energy on what you can accomplish will allow you to factor in the value, which will prove to be more than rewarding.

To make things easier for you, hire a house cleaner, hire someone to clean and mow your lawn, and perhaps your teenager neighborhood to shovel the pile-up of snow on your premises. Use online resources like, you can have more time strategizing your professional goals and improve your performance in the workplace.

3. Build Your Online Presence

Since you’re looking to create or improve your career - you’ll need to have an active account on the world's largest professional networking website, LinkedIn. Every recruiter and Human Resources representative will be looking at your LinkedIn profile to look at your job history and your personal endorsements. Not having at least 500 connections or endorsements will make you look unprofessional. You can get LinkedIn connections, friends, and endorsements online if your profile doesn’t look competitive. You need to start being active on Linkedin, as well as other social networks, as companies will view you as

4. Volunteer

Volunteer to do the tasks and assignments that proved to be challenging and a bit more difficult to handle. Is there even a more difficult job than being a mom? You are always up to the task so, no matter how challenging it may seem, you can always break through. After all, you are a mother now! If you can handle that, you can handle anything.

5. Time Management

Plan ahead of time for both your responsibilities at home and at work. If you are at home and with your family, make the most out of it by fully connecting with them - this means you need to disconnect yourself from your gadgets (phone, laptop, etc.). This way you can also feel less guilty for the times you are not around. There are lots of tools to help you manage your time for free readily available online.

6. Always Be Presentable

So you’re just out of pregnancy and you might, well, have gained a little weight or lose some. Because many would think that this is a no-brainer, it is usually taken for granted. Wear dresses that would compliment with how you look. Additionally, being presentable does not only mean your physical appearance. It also means that you need to be at your best when dealing with your colleagues. And confidence will always come in handy.

7. Call in Sick

While you’re always trying your best and prevent being sick, there will be unexpected issues. Going to work even if you’re sick to prove your dedication to your profession is a bad idea. Not only will you not function at your 100% and might be a liability at work, you will also risk getting fired if you insist on going to work sick. Consider this a free time for you to stay home and spend it with your family.

8. Always Count Your Blessings

Don’t forget why you are continuing your career path. Not only do you want to improve your skills and further your professional goals, your salary is what pays the bill, buys goodies for the kids, and help with finances for the needs at home. For many working moms, that’s what they need to focus on and consider the most important.

9. The Right Schedule For Yourself

Now that you’re a mom, you need to be more disciplined with your time. Find the natural rhythm of your day to day routines from having breakfast conversations to doing yourself a favor with some time on the treadmill. In fact, make yourself one of your priorities! Soon, you’ll be able to see what works best for your schedule.

10. Don’t Forget to Ask For Help

You can’t expect to be a one-woman-team at work or at home. Asking for help does not mean weakness, but rather a more effective way to collaborate and delegate tasks. Two heads are always better than one. This also builds trust and confidence among your co-workers. At home, you always have your husband to lean on and asking your husband’s hand in times of need also improves your intimacy level and make up for the time when the two of you are not together.

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