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Challenge: Romance After Kids

10 things women actually want for Valentine’s Day

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Sure, we can say Valentine’s Day is overrated. But, inevitably, we still celebrate it. In fact, a study published by CNN states that February 14 is actually a billion dollar holiday. Over 18 billion to be exact. Talk about a lot of flowers. That’s right. Two billion of that total goes to a gift that wilts away after a few days. So why not spend the money on something women really want for Valentine’s Day?

Here are 10 ideas:

1. Framed Photos- You can order pictures from an app on your phone and they’ll be done in an hour. Make sure to put a big emphasis on the frame. Something unique (like her). But if you want to get really creative and invest some time, put her favorite photo on a mug or a magnet or a notepad.

2. Yoga (or a class/lesson/activity that fits her personality)- Women love the idea of going to a class or activity or learning something new, but for whatever reason, it’s not something we splurge on. Personal development not only helps her grow, but it’s great for your relationship. Doing something new makes women feel empowered.


3. Underwear- Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. We just like to have options in the morning when we open that drawer. I know, for some of you, going into “one of those stores” or strolling down “that aisle” is out of your comfort zone. But isn’t that what love is? Understandable if you disagree. That’s what online shopping is for!

4. Books- If you don’t know what type of books your lady reads, THIS MUST CHANGE. If you don’t want to come right out and ask her (or you forgot), take note of the book on her nightstand and plug it into an Amazon search. Click on the exact book she has. Scroll down and you will find titles similar to the one she’s reading. If she’s not a bookie? Find a new woman! Just kidding, just kidding. Magazines are great, too! These are gifts that say “Your interests are important to me.”


5. Coffee Basket- Or tea (or wine). Whatever your honey’s preference may be. Pick out a few you know she’s never tried. Find a chic basket or bin or bag, add a drinking vessel that will make her think of you and voila. Sometimes, the greatest gifts aren’t expensive or all that different. But, in taking the time to hand pick items you know she already loves ... well, that just reveals your thoughtful side.

6. Conversations- Find a picnic basket, a blanket and leave her a note telling her to meet you under the stars. Even the strongest, most independent of women like to be romanced. A good conversation is a gift that will make the both of you feel rejuvenated.

7. A Poem- I know, you aren’t Wordsworth and Keats. But a little bit of effort goes a long way here. Totally turned off by this idea? At least take this tip: say something more than “I love you” when signing her Valentine’s Day card. Fill that white space with a well-thought out entry that will have her re-reading it for the weeks and months to come.


8. Time to Herself- Even when we have free time, we often don’t know what to do with ourselves. Blindfold her, take her to Target, hand her a gift card and tell her you’ll be back in two hours. In the event she's not a shopper, reserve a private “Paint and Sip” night for her and her girlfriends.

9. Spa Day- But hold on a second. I’m not saying pop into a shop and grab a gift certificate. Buy her favorite shade of nail polish, a battery-powered massager, some massage oil and candles. Transform your home into a romantic setting and do these things for her. Sure, the mani-pedi may look like a first grader did it, but that’s not the point. Bond with each other. Laugh.


10. Subscription Box- It’s the gift that keeps on giving. With so many choices out there, you are bound to find one that fits her perfectly. A lot of them start at $10 a month. So think about that: the average person spends $130 on Valentine’s Day. $10 a month x 12 months = $120. She will love the surprise in the mail each month that’s just for her!

I think you can read between the lines here: what we want is to know you’ve been paying attention. If you know your lady is into flowers, try something different. Like, a house plant that actually lasts. Or an aeroponic growing system so she can grow fruits and veggies year-round. She into chocolate? Again, go beyond the cliche. Take her to a chocolate tasting at the local candy shop. But for the love of Cupid, if you learn nothing more from this article: skip the red, heart-shaped box.


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