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10 Little Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

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Healthy communication is an ice-breaker in any relationship. Healthy communication is a solution to many problems. As humans, we all have the need to share things. Communication brings people closer. It creates a deep attachment to your partner. It increases your involvement in the relationship and helps you understand the person better. It nurtures your bond. Interaction can help you build positive energy, release stress, and be happy.

How to Improve Communication - "I suggest you read this."

Here we will be discussing 10 little ways to improve communication in your relationship:


The Power Of Smile

A sincere smile is one of the most powerful steps in a healthy communication. A smile is the best cure to all the weary thoughts going on inside a mind. It is nature’s best antidote to a stressful person. You must have a good time communicating with your partner if you expect them to have a good time communicating with you.

A real, heartwarming smile, one that comes from within, makes your partner happy. It encourages them to speak more while communicating. Say hello in a tone that makes the other person realize how pleased you are to be having this communication with them.

Try To Understand

While communicating, you may not like your partner’s certain actions. Remember to never criticize or condemn them. It takes a lot of self-control to be understanding, but it is worth your relationship. As Dale Carnegie said, “Try to figure out why they do what they do. That's a lot more profitable and intriguing and it breeds tolerance and kindness.”

It will help your partner to feel free to say whatever goes on in their mind. Understanding the other person is one of the most important steps to improve communication in your relationship. We have to remember that we are communicating with creatures of emotions. Help your partner to have a good time with you.

Make The Other Person Feel Important

While communicating, it is extremely important to realize the importance of the other person. You should never ever ignore what your partner is saying. This helps them finish talking, with full enthusiasm.

Appreciate Genuinely

Honest and real appreciation makes every human being happy. Appreciation validates their work. If you appreciate them while communicating, your partner will be extremely elated and encouraged to talk more with you.

It will make them feel as if you are really involved in this communication. Give them honest and sincere appreciation, take your time to observe your partner, and find good things about them. Your partner will cherish your words and treasure them.

Be A Good Listener

Good communication is a two-way street. If one is speaking, the other should be patient and listen carefully. A good listener is as important as a good speaker. This will encourage your partner to share their worries and problems with you.

This can help to build a good genuine, transparent, and constructive relationship through communication. A good listener can understand minute thoughts and help their partner to get a solution. You can maintain comfortable eye contact while communicating.

Make sure that while listening your full concentration is on what your partner is speaking, do not be on your phone, or have any other distracting things in between. This makes the other person lose interest in the conversation.

Notice Small Signs

It is equally important to read your partner’s body language as well as hidden words while communicating. Sometimes your partner may wrap up by saying “I am fine”. Make genuine efforts to understand their problem. Notice their expression while communicating. It will help you to understand your partner’s mood.

Ask Open Questions

While communicating, your partner may have hesitation to talk about a certain issue or pick a certain topic to talk about. Small steps must be taken towards this. Ask open questions. Instead of asking a one-word question, ask a question that can be answered in detail.

This will help you to dig deep into your partner. They may choose to give a one-word answer, respect that. Some people have difficulties in opening up about their feelings or emotions. So, be thoughtful while seeking an answer and respect whatever is said.

It applies both ways. Sometimes one might not be able to talk about their painful moments, be patient, and let your partner take their time.

Be Genuinely Interested In Communication

Talk about what your partner likes or what they want. Look at the things from your own as well as from your partner’s point of view also. It will help you to understand the person and give them the right suggestion when needed.

Be genuinely interested in other people, for example, remember important dates like their birthday or any other day which carries memories. This will help the other person to trust you and communicate with you whole-heartedly. All of us like people who admire us.

Have Honest Communication

Honest communication is essential to maintain a long-term relationship. No matter how well you know your partner, you have to be honest with them to improve your communication. Honest communication makes one's soul happy and encourages them to continue, no matter how deep the conversation is.

Be Frank

A frank attitude helps your partner to understand you better. When you do not speak certain things while communicating with them, it creates a misunderstanding. This may grow and become a serious issue later. So, one of the little improvements to make while communicating with your partner is being frank.

It encourages them to speak what comes to their mind as well. Being frank does not mean in any way that you are going to offend your partner. Frankness allows you to explain to your partner what you are experiencing and what your needs are.

It helps you to be connected with them. Think about what you want to say and be clear about it. It is important to be aware of the tone of your voice while communicating.


So, here we have discussed 10 easy little ways to improve communication in your relationship. A healthy, deep, happy conversation is very beneficial for your health as well. Appreciating your partner while communicating with them increases their willingness to communicate.

Condemnation should never have any place while communicating. You should always make sure you are not offending your partner while communicating with them. Good communication is key to a happy life!

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