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5 Benefits to Playing Games in the Classroom

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Let me start this discussion with the famous Quote,

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning” – Diane Ackeman

Teaching has been very changed from Last 5 Years. Continuously we are seeing different ways incorporated in children schools to make the learning Interesting and at the same time knowledgeable. One of the most efficient way to make kids learn well about something new is through the Interactive learning of gaming.

So Without Further ado, let's discuss about the 5 Benefits of Playing games in the Classroom.

1) Motivation - Playing Games in the Classroom provides self motivation to the Students. And he feels this new energy in himself and the new urge to learn new things.

2) Balances the Overall Competitiveness - Sometimes what happens is Students gets more Competitive by seeing other student's progress. So the games are a good way to control their over competitiveness.

3) Team Work - While Playing educational games in the classroom Children get to learn the important lesson of team work. Which is very important to become a good human being and respect each other's flaws and Powers.

4) Decrease Stress - Recent study Shows that the people who are gamer have the low level of stress in them. And that study done by Google over their No internet game - Dino game. So while playing games student can easily learn how to give up on Stress.

5) Sharp Memory - Playing a range of content specific games can increase memory. As they play a game, students need to remember important details about a topic but also use their working memory to think and act quickly.

Here is the Study Done by New York times about the Kids Playing Video games.

If You are Parent Yourself then,


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