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How To Make It Big As A Personal Fitness Trainer - 5 Mistakes To Avoid

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The fitness industry is pretty rewarding if you conduct a general study of personal trainer salaries. But you need to be smart and diligent enough to avoid making a few common mistakes that hinder your path of earning better.

Well, things might seem difficult initially, but worry not, for we have got you covered.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes that you need to avoid to make it big as a personal fitness trainer.

  1. Poor time management - From the very beginning it is important to manage time judiciously because remember you are a health trainer, your health must not deteriorate while working so you must make sure you are eating at the right time, taking breaks, etc. working at a stretch is a common picture but this must be avoided after all you are human. Overexertion can take its toll on your health. Enjoy your day off and follow strict principles, if needed don't entertain anybody on your day off.
  2. Not preparing yourself to handle lean period - Your income depends on how many hours you are working for per week, sometimes your clients might not turn up and you could lose money. So save when you can to sustain yourself during the hard times. Your bills won't wait so do not be spendthrift. Many instructors fail to save when they can and suffer later so, this mistake must be avoided.
  3. Choosing the wrong gym - During the initial years as in while starting the career personal trainers make a very common mistake by choosing the wrong kind of gym. A starter can start with a big box gym or a private training center where you can get both experiences as well as exposure. For big-box gyms, the entry can be pretty swift but in case of the private training center, the benchmark for entry can be pretty high. Big box gyms are better options because you will get employee benefits, you'll be able to bond with clients better, there is as such very little overhead expenditure, etc.
  4. Being shy - Some people are coy and they tend to lose confidence easily, but this is a huge mistake to learn from. This is a service industry and you have to be persuasive. Amazing sales ability will fetch you more money. Sell your services confidently, do not underestimate yourself ever, and try to be outspoken regarding the value of your time.
  5. Being indifferent - Clients will pay you, and do not forget the word of mouth advertisement factor. So, try to retain clients as much as possible by setting up a cordial relationship with them. Maintain transparency with the clients, inspire them to achieve their fitness goals and bingo you'll become sought after pretty soon. People will crave for your time and attention. You have to also keep yourself updated regarding current developments in the field of fitness and nutrition; clients love trainers who are knowledgeable and helpful.

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