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Get the best flavours for your birthday cake

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All the sweet treats are only for you. Every of your close people try to make you feel special with lots of gifts. Yes, you all wait the whole year for your birthdays to come. For me, another attraction is the birthday cake! My mom makes my favourite flavoured cake- banana and chocolate cake! I know you all have your favourites too. Let me tell you the top 5 flavours for cakes in this world. So that who of you do not have a 'favourite flavour' still now, get one for your coming birthday cakes!



A lemon cake is slightly different from the norm with its tangy taste. It is the summer flavour, so who have birthdays in the summer season, can have this flavoured cake on their birthdays to enjoy its fun side. Another best part is that lemon cakes are not too rich for your palette, so having a bite of the cake will not resist you to enjoy the other dishes at the party!



Chocolate cakes are in the top list of popularity since decades. Dark chocolate is healthy too. So, a truffle chocolate cake at your birthday party can snatch the attention of everyone. In addition, it is easy to make at home, so you need not to spend huge money for getting this flavour home!


Red velvet

Red velvet is the newest flavour in the market has picked quick popularity. Its richest flavour and deep red colour, makes a red velvet cake unique and more delicious. It also includes a good combination of vanilla and chocolate flavours. Once you have a bite of its smooth taste, you will fall for it! Pair piece of your cake with cream cheese frosting.


Pink champagne

In the preparation of this cake, champagne is used instead of water. The pink colour appears with the food colours. This bubbly cake is a good choice when you want to celebrate your birthday with a unique piece of cake. You can also get different filling for your pink champagne cake. Rum flavoured custard, Bavarian whipped cream and pink white chocolate shavings are a few good choice.


White chocolate with raspberry

White chocolate and the fruity flavour of raspberries are a perfect combination for a birthday cake. You can order your white chocolate cake with the combination of raspberry jam or fresh raspberry cream filling to get your unique cake.

People today focus on the decoration also. This is why fondant cakes with sugar roses and hand-paints are flooding the market of cakes. Whether it is a cake for birthday, wedding or corporate party, flavour is not the single thing to attract the guests; people feel the decorations are equally important!

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