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Flower Girl Wedding Dresses – Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

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Flower girl dresses are both extremely cute and stunning. Having your baby dress up for their first formal occasion is quite the event, so you should take your time in determining which flower girl dress is perfect for your small bundle of sweetness.

What could be more exciting than to go shopping for your baby to attend her first wedding! What you will need to pick up are cute baby shoes, flower girl dresses, fancy baby socks and a wedding veil. Now, for those who have been mothers for some time, the shopping experience for formal baby clothes can be much simpler- it seems with their experience these mothers can do things much simpler. But for first time mothers, this can sound simple, yet end up challenging once you’re on the spot. Here are a few tips on how to go shopping for flower girl dresses.

Flower girl dresses should fit with the wedding theme and you need to coordinate with other people who are running the wedding to select the appropriate colors for the dress, shoes and any accompanying small accessories for your baby. It is quite an honor that your small baby will be celebrating with everyone else. She is the newest member of the family and beyond being a wedding ceremony for either your family or friends, is also an acceptance ceremony that she is the newest accepted member of your family and friends.

One thing to keep in mind is to buy the dresses less than a month before the wedding. The reason for this is babies grow so quick and then stop for some time. So purchasing a dress a few months ahead of time may not work too well. Even if you buy the dress and other items such as shoes a week ahead of time make sure you hold onto the receipt in case there is a huge growth spurt. One way around this is to have a dress that can be easily adjusted to account for your quickly growing toddler.

Another vital thing to consider that you may not reckon of straight away when purchasing toddler flower girl dresses is how well your baby walks and the length of the dress. Make sure she has optimal freedom of movement and doesn’t get in the way of her walking. Toddlers start walking at different timeframes, but usually start at 12 months and can fully walk at 18 months. If all else make sure the dress doesn’t hang down too much and trip her up.

Purchasing flower girl dresses can be a fantastic experience for both the mother and the small child. There are a some things you need to take into consideration like the style to meet with the wedding party, comfort level and length. Also because your small baby is growing constantly, do not buy the dress too early or she will outgrow it. By taking these factors into consideration you should have a very simple time getting toddler flower girl dresses without a headache.

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