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Baking Hacks You Need

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Baking Hacks You Need

Get great results with simple technique. Use dry cake mix to dust a cake or bundt pan. The result will be a clean smooth finish. The cake will release with ease.

Baking Tips

Prep Time: 5 min


  • Cake or Bundt pan
  • Cooking Spray
  • ¼ cup dry cake mix of choice. More if needed.
  • Prepared cake batter


  1. Spray inside cake pan with cooking spray
  2. Coat inside of cake pan with dry cake mix. More if needed. No pooling.
  3. Save extra for sampling because dry cake mix is just too yummy.

Recipe Tags


Cake mix of choice. Pillsbury is super yummy.


Spray inside of pan with cooking spray.


Coat inside of pan with dry cake mix. It's so pretty.


Pour prepared cake batter of choice into pan. Cook according to recipe directions.


My finished product was perfect and lifted from pan with ease.

Confessions. I made this cake with one of my young students. We decided to toss a handful of Peppermint Patties into the cake before baking. Because, with children it is the exploration that is more important than the result.

This Peppermint cake came out seriously delicious. Most importantly, My student felt so good about her accomplishment.

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