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Vegan Mac 'N Cheese from Jessica's Clean Eats

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Nothing excites me more than helping families use simple ingredients to create healthy meals that people of all ages will love.

6+ years ago when my son had to go gluten-free it felt like our world had been turned upside down. I had been feeding him drive-thru kids meals and now to make everything at home felt overwhelming.

After a couple of years of shuffling through the food industry and learning to cook gluten free food for kids I realized it was time to go to nutrition school because everyone was coming to me for health advice and recipes.

It was the best decision and the career change of a lifetime!

I studied nutrition at two different schools + became a yoga teacher. As a result I've published 3 books. Finding Your Foxy won a top ten author award from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I received my certification as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach.

I now host my own tv show in Idaho, Jessica's Clean Eats. It airs this week - but there is a preview below (it's the first edit).

My nutrition practice has allowed me to help people get in the kitchen and on their yoga mats, not only to change their life but their health. Being able to share my home cook #eatlikeanutritionist cooking skills on the Today Show would be a dream come true. My biggest goal is to help as many people as possible realize that food heals, food is community and food is love!

A family favorite and the recipe on the first episode of my new show, is Vegan Gluten Free Mac 'N Cheese. It's only 6 ingredients and completely fabulous.

One of the best things about this recipe, besides taking less than 15 minutes, is that it's great for so many of my clients. It's vegan, gluten free, easy ingredients and fast. It's faster than heading to a drive thru.

This link is the sample of the show (it hasn't even aired yet!)



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