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Challenge: From Failed to Fixed


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My favorite food month! I call it Turkey-vember. All food can be transformed with a little creativity. If you overcook your turkey, simply add some melted butter and broth (or some gravy) and slather it on the dried out breasts. The turkey breast lacks fat, so it's easy to dry them out. If you really want to add some fat and flavor, add some rendered bacon fat and broth to the dried turkey meat. Another option would be to turn the turkey over and put it breast side down into the juices in the bottom of the pan while it is resting. If you REALLY overcook your turkey (think Christmas Vacation where cousin Eddie's wife, Catherine, overcooks the turkey) then turkey jerky is the way to go. ;)

If you have lumpy mashed potatoes, try using a ricer or food mill to get those pesky lumps out. You can use a hand held masher, but avoid any high powered mixer or you will have mashed potatoes that are gluey. If you do end up with mashed potatoes that are as thick as Elmer's glue, make some croquettes. Super simple, just cool the mashed potatoes, add some eggs, seasonings and some flour (or finely ground and sifted Ritz crackers) and shape into patties. Chill, roll into egg mixture then breadcrumbs and fry until golden and crispy. Your guests will love to eat these croquettes with their turkey and gravy, yum!

I have tons of Thanksgiving tips and tricks, these are just a few. Happy Turkey-vember!

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