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Challenge: Mismatched Tastes

The most dreaded question in modern history

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This topic could not be more relevant to me! My husband and I are constantly at odds over the simple, yet rage-inducing question, "What do you want to eat for dinner?" It's almost as if we are eager to be the asker, in an attempt to throw the decision off onto the answerer. Therein lies the problem though, as we just don't agree on the same foods.

Our love story with food is not unheard of - he loves meat and beans, she likes green smoothies and dessert. My husband could eat steak or BBQ pork every single day of the week. I prefer change and trying new foods, often attempting to add some health benefits to my food choices as I'm trying to lead by example with our toddler son's picky palate. The one thing we almost always agree on is pizza. He can order and I know the pizza will show up how we both like it - pepperoni and banana pepper for me, pepperoni and jalapeno for him.

There are times when I'm not all that excited to eat what he's concocted and he has admitted something just wasn't all that great that I've prepared. I appreciate that we don't hide our true feelings about food, just because the other might really love it. Sometimes I don't think either of us look forward to what the other one is cooking, but in those cases, we simply eat and move on. It's about compromise and acceptance on those occasions.

Just within the past few weeks, I delved into a new adventure of the food blogging kind. On the day the journey began, it came to my attention that it was National Chocolate Cake Day so I suggested we go out to dinner, to a specific restaurant, just to order chocolate cake at the end of the meal. Much to my surprise, he wholeheartedly agreed and we were off. When appropriate, I've been cooking new recipes for the "National (food of the) Day." He has become my number one fan and is always eagerly enthusiastic about my new project. I like to think this adventure might be something that will bring us both onto the same page, in terms of food.

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