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Challenge: Mismatched Tastes

Support Is Key When It Comes To Differences

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Shortly after getting married, I developed health issues that forced me to remove gluten, dairy and most grains from my diet. My husband and I had bonded over travel and food when we were dating and loved cooking and experiencing all types of cuisine together.


I was worried that our drastically different diets would put a strain on our marriage, as I'd heard so many stories of relationships hitting bumpy terrain when one persons health forced such change.


However, my loving best friend, partner and supporter embraced the change with me and for the most part eats gluten-free and dairy-free with me. When we travel we stay in timeshares where we have access to kitchens and visit local Farmers Markets in nearby cities. He occasionally eats whatever he wants, which I support 100%, because if I could, I would too, but this road has been such a blessing, to not only healing me, but teaching us what's really in our food, and in the end we are both much healthier because of these challenges.

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