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Make Your Own Colored Sugar

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Here's a great way to dress up your holiday goodies, and save money too... DIY colored sugars! Colored sugars are fun, but super costly -- a measly 3.25 ounce shaker can end up costing nearly $12 a pound. For sugar! Here's a quick and fun way to make your own. Yay!!


You'll need:

Crystal Sugar (available at specialty food shops and online)

Food Coloring (liquid or paste)

Mixing Bowl


Shakers (optional)




In a small glass bowl, add a few drops of food coloring into sugar and mix by kneading with your fingers or stirring with spoon. Use either liquid or paste food coloring. The liquid blends more quickly, but the paste gives richer hues. Experiment. Add the color a little bit at a time – it doesn’t take much. Pinch the sugar through your fingers or mix with a spoon until color is distributed evenly.

If you’re using liquid food coloring, it can make your sugar a bit damp, which will clump. To remedy this, place the sugar in a heat-resistant glass bowl and place in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes at 200° until dry.

Your sugars are ready to use.


For a fabulous foodie gift, package several sugars in salt shakers -- but be sure the holes are large enough for crystals to pass through. Have fun with these designer sugar colors, mix and match... you'll never see gorgeous hues like these in the stores. Happy baking!





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